How to Balance FIT and School

If you’re reading this you more than likely take Precollege classes at FIT, or are considering it. With this, we all have one thing in common (other than the obvious), which is that we have to go to high school five days a week as well. As we all know, high school is not a breeze and is extremely stressful most of the time. After being in Precollege classes for three semesters and having experienced the hassle of completing a report for FIT due on Saturday and trying to study for the 2 tests, a quiz and powerpoint due for regular school on Friday, it can be alot. So, here are the things I do to try to balance the two:

  • Set a day during the week to dedicate your time to do FIT work, for me, I choose Fridays. I just feel like Friday is a good day because I don’t have to worry about high school work since I have all weekend to do it. Just don’t leave all your work for one Friday! Span it over a few Fridays,
  • Use your class time. If you’re falling a little behind on, say, your mood board, then maybe consider staying back on your 20 min break to catch up. Sacrifices. Sacrifices.
  • Have fun while you’re doing your work for FIT! You’re at FIT for a reason, and you probably like what you’re doing so in the end, work shouldn’t seem like work!

Hopefully those tips helped! I know I will be using my own tips with two different projects due in two weeks for both my FIT classes. This week in my merchandising class we went down to the library and got a look at the Vogues and Harper Bazaars from as late as the 1900’s for our decades project. I have to say, they were pretty cool to look at.

 My professor even extended our project due date a week so that we have another week to look at the archives again because we didn’t have enough time to get through all the ones we wanted! I’ll be sure to share my projects with you guys when I’m done.


Fashionably Truly,



How FIT changes me…

It’s not intentional, I don’t walk on to campus and think “okay, I’m going to become a different person.” It’s completely natural.

When I step foot onto FIT’s campus I completely change on the inside with no intentions. I mean, how could I not? Honestly, Manhattan in and of itself changes me, so attending classes about the one thing I love, IN Manhattan, just tops it all off. The adrenaline I get just off walking to class is exhilarating, I instantly feel 10x more independent and I get this feeling where any opportunity can come about any minute. When I’m at FIT I feel I can put everything else aside and focus on the thing I love to do: fashion. Here I feel like nothing else matters and I have the to freedom to just absorb everything around me, whether it be in class or inspiration on the streets.

FIT has also changed me in terms of knowledge with the fashion industry (obviously!). After taking classes I feel so much more educated with fashion-related topics, my favorite part of this is that I can apply my knowledge to everyday experiences, such as when I go shopping. For example, when I see a store’s window or how the mannequins are dressed I now think about how much thought went into each window and the key things that a person had to keep in mind while styling the mannequin or decorating the window.

Now, some things about this weeks class: This week we just briefly went over the fashion cycle and things of that nature. Then, we took a trip to the FIT Library for an overview of how to use the databases and some forecasting services. I am so thrilled to be able to have access to these amazing tools (that I can literally spend all day on). Not only will these tools benefit me for my curiosity and interest but they will also help me immensely with the three projects I will have to do (which I promise I’ll share). Ahh, the perks of being a Precollege student! :)

Fashionably truly,