Chalk FIT

Check out Chalk FIT! On Seventh Avenue between 27th and 28th, Illustration students and alumni have taken their talents to the walls of the Pomerantz Center. This second annual event kicked off FIT Legacy week on Monday, October 27th.  These artistic expressions will remain up for about a week for spectators to enjoy.


FIT Legacy Week:




Congratulations Danielle!


Student: Danielle Covington
Major: Illustration

Courses taken in Precollege Programs include:
 Precollege High School Intern

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Ray Lago – FIT Illustration

Check out this awesome 6-HOUR illustration from Professor Lago, wrapped up in 2 MINUTES!

Want to take his class? I know you do… it is HIL 015 Learn the Art of Comic Book Drawing.
This course teaches you to use pencil and ink to develop your own comic-book style. You’ll also get an overview of the industry and explore comic-art career options and – it is currently available for summer!

Goodbye, for now!

My professor, Sonja Lamut

Is this really happening? The day of class I take for Spring 2012, the last post I’ll make for this semester? It all just flew by! My 12 weeks are up, and I’m so glad I’ve used them wisely!

To sum up my experience for the Precollege Program in simple terms, it was a-ma-zing! From the first day class, till now, was such a wonderful time. My creativity level has boosted and of course, so has my drawing skills! I’ve learned so much, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

I’ve learned many things throughout this course. One major lesson I learned was to draw from life. Now anywhere I go, as long as it’s still, I can attempt to draw it with full detail. I’ve also developed to be more comfortable with myself drawing around others and learn from them as well. I know I’ll miss everything about the course. From waking up, to going, to learning, to drawing, to everything, I wish it wouldn’t end!

In the future I am planning on coming back to FIT and taking more Precollege courses! It maybe not in the summer or fall, but I can honestly say next spring I will be back and ready to take another class. Which? I do not know. BUT! I do know it will be a Communication Design course! I’d love to take the screen printing T-shirts course as well.

If you guys are interested on keeping up on anything about myself you can follow my tumblr ( which my standard fashion blog, or if you want to stay connected in a more personal level, follow!

Until next time, hugs and kisses with a slice of bacon,


Coming towards the end!

My HIL 012: Drawing for Illustration class has brought me so far in my art ability. It’s outstanding!

So, we’ve been working on some of our final projects which includes a magazine cover and a newspaper print collage

drawing. The magazine cover one I have yet to finish , and as for my newsprint collage drawing, it needs a few touches here and there, but it has come super awesome!

This past Saturday my Professor gave back our first day of class drawing. When I saw it, my eyes popped out of my head! I’ve improved so much! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I swear. At that moment, I realized how much I grew in the program. I might even consider

taking it again, since it’s a class that you can very much take over and over again and continuously learn.

My accomplishments are starting to get checked in. One of them was to improve my life drawing through this class, and let me tell you, it did. Drastically. I know that in the future it will all go to use, especially when applying to my dream college (FIT, that is!).

I really wish this course wasn’t coming to an end, but there’s always next year and the

other two semesters! I’m just very glad I spent my time wisely with this college program.I wonder what holds on my last day!


first day of class drawing



news paper collage (unfinished)



warm up (pen and ink)