How To Make Friends At FIT

Hello readers! Happy Thanksgiving! As this holiday comes closer and closer, I am thinking about everything I’m thankful for. One of the things I am most thankful for are my friendships. My friends are so important to me and they inspire me so much! In the past weeks at FIT, I’ve bonded with my classmates over having to lay low on Friday nights so we can wake up early on Saturdays, our love for New York, and our passion for the fashion industry. I now consider my classmates as my friends because of this. When I started at FIT, making friends was what I was most nervous for, but it was actually very easy! Here are some of my tips for making friends at FIT (and in other situations too):

Complement Outfits

  • If you like what someone is wearing, tell them! We’re all fashion students here so we all dress pretty nicely and from my experience, most people are willing to share where they shop or how they style their outfits. Complements in general often spark conservation which could lead to a friendship.

Exchange Social Media Accounts and/or Phone Numbers

  • Follow your classmates on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or whatever social media site you use! This helps you connect with them during the week and is also helpful if you have a question about an assignment. Exchanging phone numbers is good too because you can keep in touch with your classmates even after the semester is over.

Hang Out During Break

  • At some point during class each week, we have a break that lasts about 20 minutes. During that time, my classmates and I walk down to the cafeteria, have a snack, and talk about anything and everything. Throughout these short conversations, we’ve gotten to know each other well. Without hanging out during our break, we wouldn’t know each other that well at all.

Be Open To Everyone

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover- meaning don’t judge someone by their outfit! It doesn’t matter what someone is wearing, it matters who they really are. Even though someone’s outfit may not be your style, they might be one of the best people you’ll meet at FIT. My classmates all have individual styles, but we all get along great. Being different from your friends is often what makes a friendship.

I wish I would’ve known all of these tips before starting FIT, it would’ve been a lot less intimidating. All the people I’ve encountered have something in common with me: we love fashion! This main common interest makes it easier than you would think to make friends.

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanks for reading,
Kenzie Davis

What Inspires Me

         Hello readers! This week I would like to talk about where I find inspiration. My passions are not purely creative, so what inspires me to work and pursue my dreams might be different from artists or creative writers, so I thought I would share. One of the most inspiring things for me personally is learning and witnessing others find success in doing what they are most passionate about. For example, in class this past Saturday, my classmates and I presented our history of fashion projects. We each had to study a decade of fashion and teach the class all about our chosen time period. It was really cool to see these people who are becoming my friends talk about fashion because all of us are so interested in the industry and have fallen in love with it. Coming to FIT inspires me to work in fashion because I get to be with people who share the same goals as myself in addition to learning about topics of interest. Who knew that learning about things like color theory could be somewhat fun and motivating?

         Inspiration to live my life to the fullest in every aspect comes from many different places. However, I have found that surrounding myself with people who have interests and set goals for themselves is the most inspiring because you’re moving at the same pace as them. If you make friends that don’t have any interest in finding their purpose in life, it’s easy to lose focus of your passions because you’ll end up with no one to cheer you on. I’m really lucky to have friends like this and I appreciate them very much. Experiencing life with people that you love is truly one of the best things.

My friend Julia and I in Central Park!

My friend Julia and I in Central Park!

           So I don’t get too emotional, I wanted to end this post on a lighter note and talk about finding inspiration for what I wear. Style inspiration is probably one of the most interesting topics to talk about because an outfit can be inspired by anything! I love looking at what other people are wearing to get inspiration. New York is perfect for people watching and I often see the most interesting ensembles. Recently, I’ve seen unique ways of layering that I’m definitely going to try out. I also find inspiration from people on social media and my favorite celebrities/artists/people. Lately I’ve been finding the best inspiration from past decades and from movie characters. A few of my current style icons are…

  • Liv Tyler as Corey Mason in Empire Records (1995)
  • Alexa Chung
  • Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous (2000)

So, where do you find inspiration for your life and/or your outfits? I would love to know, so feel free to comment! Have a great week!

Thanks for reading,

Kenzie Davis