Introducing Precollege Blogger: Catherine

LyonsA “Formal” Introduction

       Precollege classes for spring 2014 have begun! For the next few months we’ll all be attending our selected course/courses, hopefully learning a lot, and pursuing our passions.

– Hello, reader! My name is Catherine and I am a spring 2014 Precollege student at FIT. I am 15 years old (16 in about 3 months) and I live in N.Y on Long Island. This past fall I took my first Precollege class, Creating the Fashion Figure. If you don’t know what this class entails it’s essentially the basics of fashion design. This course was a great starting point for me because I was not sure just where my interests in the fashion industry had lay yet. But being the mediocre drawer that I am, that course helped me realize that my interests and talents lay better with the business side of the fashion industry. Now with that positive narrowing of my future in fashion I gained, I start this spring semester enrolled in the course The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising and I am very eager.

          Just like everyone else (I assume) enrolled in a fashion related Precollege course I love fashion and have loved it from a young age. I love everything about fashion, from its history, to just everyday street style, to high fashion, and etc. I love reading fashion magazines, books, and blogs, and watching fashion related movies and documentaries. And I don’t even want to know how many hours I’ve spent scrolling through the ever so important Everything fashion related excites me. I feel like a fashion “nerd” a lot of the time – that’d be the correct term I guess? (If not it very well should be!). But other than fashion (I won’t be deadly specific with this) some other interests and passions of mine I guess are quite typical things like art, music, and film.

          As I said before I am very excited for this Precollege semester. I’ve already been to one class of The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising on March 1st. And so far I feel like this class is really tailored toward my interests in the fashion industry. Of course from the title of the class you can tell we will be learning about merchandising. But we also will be taking trips to The Museum at FIT and to stores around Manhattan. I’m very thrilled to be blogging and sharing this experience because I really feel that by the end of this semester I will have grown and have learned a lot as a person and as a lover of fashion. I hope to share as much as I can, thanks for reading!


Beginnings At FIT

Beginnings are always exciting. At FIT, beginnings are creative as well. The opportunity to learn with real professors and talk with talented students that are as old as you are is simply brilliant.

FIT is a place where you can get inspiration from literally everything. It’s a nice way to explore your interests and get more involved with your chosen profession. Because of this I chose to wear my new spiky boots. I live very close to FIT, only about 45 minutes away by car, so we accidentally arrived an hour early. Even so, I was far from the first student there.

class projects

three of the four things we will be making.

The classroom was filled with industrial sewing machines and irons. Pretty soon the professor started the class. We talked about ourselves, and she talked about safety rules. Most of the students already went to an artistic high school and those who went to normal school took art classes. It was interesting hearing them talk about their personal reasons for learning how to sew and how it worked with their specified interests.The professor showed us how to work the machines and told us to sew some

window view

the view from my first class

straight lines on a piece of paper. We didn’t use thread so we all ended up with little holes in the paper. This let us get the hang of working with such a fast machine. I’m pretty good with basic straight stitches, but these machines were huge. After we all got the hang of the machines she taught us how to thread them. This was particularly hard as there were so many loops and holes your thread had to go through. Next she taught us how to block small pieces of muslin, which she then made us sew straight stitches on. Once you had filled your entire pieces of muslin with straight stitches you could move on the triangles. She showed us how to do these and it was pretty easy. I finished my triangles early so I moved onto tucks. I love using this technique on clothes so I finished them pretty fast. Then she called for clean up.

2012-09-29 12.58.44

display of Halloween looks.

I had an hour for lunch and then my draping class. Quite of few of the students in my sewing class were also in my draping class, so the introductions at the beginning of class were easier. The professor talked about the basics of draping and safety, then told us how

2012-09-29 13.22.23

my draping classroom

to choose a dress from. After we all had dress forms she showed us how to measure them accurately. We then blocked and ironed large pieces of muslin. We will be using these pieces to drape a skirt. we then did extensive measuring and quit a lot of math. this involved adding 3/8ths to everything and a six inch extra to the overall measurements.  we then drew all of our measurements onto our fabrics, checked to make sure it was right, and cleaned up.

But that took us quite some time so we will be draping next week. I’m very excited to be learning new things about construction. I am always pleased with my designs, it’s just making them real that has given me trouble. So I am hoping that come next fall, my design and construction skills will both be even.

Overall, FIT has once again taught me stuff I didn’t think I’d be learning, inspired me for things I didn’t think I had an interest in, and made me feel at home. I’m excited to learn more, especially about things I didn’t know I wanted to learn. What would you like to learn that you’ve never really spent time on?


The Time Has Arrived!

Finally the time has arrived for me to leave my dull life and trade it for my amazing and interesting first FIT course for the spring! Much like the first day of school, I always stay up late trying on every piece of clothing in my closet looking for the most perfect outfit! I know many can relate to this so I know it’s not just me. Let’s face it – I’m not a morning person but when it comes to waking up to go to FIT I’m up and ready before my alarm even goes off. Even though I live in New Jersey, I am definitely a city girl at heart and will never miss an opportunity to be in this amazing city, even if I have to wake up much earlier than usual! This is my second course I will be taking at FIT and I must admit I still got nervous walking in and seeing everyone that I will be with for the next four weeks….nerve racking and exciting at the same time!

Once I got into my class and we all met each other, I knew this course was going to be fun! When everyone arrived, my Professor told us about herself and what projects we are going to be doing. After we all introduced ourselves our Professor explained the difference between an ad and an editorial in a magazine and the process of how the editorials are made. Then we were put into groups to make an inspiration board for a handbag that we are going to be doing a photo shoot for.

 I made a lot of great new friends.  We went to Fresh & Co. for lunch and walked around the city stopping at stores such as MOOD and a flower store buying props and backdrops for the photo shoot. I can’t wait to put it all together and have a great photo shoot!  I am very excited for the weeks ahead!


Back into my Fantasy World: The First Day of Class

After a dreadful week at school, Saturday finally arrived.  I would consider my first day at FIT every semester to be comparable to my first day at school; the same process is involved such as wondering who is going to be in my class, if I’ll like my teacher, feeling both anxious and excited at the same time and most importantly, picking out something to wear! My first day started off pretty well, beginning with waking up at 6 a.m. to go to the place I only dream of. Despite having a little bit of trouble finding my classroom, the ride into Manhattan went more than perfect, it was just a short 25 minute ride being that there was no traffic. So, for the most part the whole “getting in to class” task went fairly smooth.

My class this semester is in the A building!

Once I got into class my professor, Jamie Ross, showed up shortly after. This Spring I am taking Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future. This class is much different than my previous class. One, this class is triple the size of my last class. There is probably about 16-18 people in it, as opposed to my last class which had 6 people. Also, due to the fact that this is a Saturday live class and not a workshop, it is a lot more in-depth and vigorous (which I enjoy). I was not too nervous about attending class because I found out earlier that my friend Gianna from my fall semester class was taking the same class as me (or so I thought). Unfortunately, it turned out that her schedule got messed up and she was moved to another class half-way throughout the day (it was fun while it lasted).

To say that I am excited for this class is an understatement. Professor Ross not only seems extremely nice and down to earth, yet she also seems tremendously motivated to be teaching this class. She started off class telling us a little bit about herself and then we (the class) had to introduce ourselves individually. I really took notice of all the different types of girls in the class and how they each decided to express themselves in varying ways whether it be in dress or personality. After that we went over the syllabus and at that point I could tell that this class was going to be great. The three projects we have due over the course of the next few months are going to require much time, effort and a lot of work. But, I know that it will not seem like work to me because I’ll be doing something I am passionate about. Additionally, we are going to be going on a few field trips, which I absolutely love to do! Some trips include going to go to SoHo, and 34th street to photograph street style that will help us predict and forecast upcoming trends.

On that account, not too much happened during class today, hence it was the first class. But I promise to have much more information as the weeks pass by! I have a very strong feeling that I am going to love everything about this class, it’s possible that a fashion forecaster might even become a potential “dream” career for me!

Fashionably truly,


In First Person: My First Day of Class

I had to wake up extra early for the first day of class last week.  I took the 6:40 train at the Ronkonkoma train station rather than my usual 7:40.  I get onto the train and tactfully choose a double-seat so I can spread out my stuff to avoid someone sitting right next to me.  I am wearing a cream and peach H&M blouse, grey skinny jeans, and black combat boots, with my hair in a messy fishtail braid.  On the seat next to me is my new quilted leather Chanel-esque chain bag with a navy, cream, and peach horse-printed scarf tied around the handle, my outdated iPod nano, my FIT Precollege ID hanging from a faux-pearl necklace, a ruffled kitten umbrella, and my fashion-collage folder from the Spring semester.  I suddenly feel anxious and my mind is overflowing with thoughts. I try to not stress out, after all I have done this before and it was the greatest experience of my life.  I put in my headphones and listen to some Animal Collective,  the rest of my trip is a breeze and my worries are gone.

After stopping for a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks on 7th ave, I make my way to my class on the 4th floor of the D building.  I am the second person to arrive, I sit in the second seat at the first table right next to the girl I later find out is Meredith.  Eventually, my friend Christina from ‘The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising’ arrives, I feel so relieved to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar classroom.

Professor Sokoli turned out to be not only one of the coolest teachers I have ever met, but one of the coolest adults in general.  We gossip about the latest season of ANTM, Rachel Zoe’s new line, and share our excitement for the new show Pan Am and how they are going to pull off the 1960s through props and fashion.  We all introduce ourselves and then he goes through our projects for the semester.  We are going to be doing shoots for a pair of shoes with a setting that relates to the design, shape, or color of the shoe; a food setup; a table setup with a plate representing a specific designer; and our final project will be dressing up a mannequin.  I can’t help but to feel SO excited for this class!

By our 11:15 Starbucks break, I made friends with nearly everyone in the class.  We all have so much in common its natural for us to just click with one another.  Thats one of the things I love about FIT,  we are all in that classroom at 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning because we have a uniting love; fashion.  After only one day of Styling of Fashion, Food and Home Products for the Visual Industry, I already know this semester is going to be a great one and I just can’t wait to get a head start on the experience I need to be a fashion stylist.