Instructor Spotlight: Jennifer Bentivegna

Jennifer Bentivegna is a fashion merchandising and buying professional who spent her career in various roles at Giorgio Armani in the merchandising and e-commerce departments. She is a graduate of the FIT Fashion Merchandising Management program. She began teaching at FIT in 2014 in the Fashion Business Management department. She teaches courses in Product Development, Merchandising, and Team Development. Jennifer is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program at SUNY Empire where she plans to graduate with a Masters In Learning and Emerging Technologies.

Prof. Bentivegna teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:

HFM 060 Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future

Teaching Philosophy:
I believe in sharing my knowledge of the industry with my students. I want them to understand that the only constant in this industry is change, and it is my role as an instructor to prepare you for those constant changes. Teamwork, passion, and drive are the recipe for success in fashion, and my goal is to bring all three of those qualities to the classroom every day.

Industry Experience:

  • Director of Men’s Merchandising, Armani Exchange
  • Director of Buying/Planning,

Before and After Fashion Forecasting


Hi lovely readers,

These past few weeks have been so much fun and such a learning experience that I will never forget. It taught me about fashion and even life skills. From the course to the commute. Overall I feel as though I have grown so much in the past few weeks. I would have to say my professor was the biggest impact on my growth. Professor Suzanne Piazza is understanding and has so much experience that it makes me excited just to hear her stories of being in the industry. My commute was also a huge impact on me, even though my commute isn’t too bad, it taught me time management and independence. Taking the course made me realize you always need back up plans and to be creative with any situation. Before this course I really didn’t have a tight grasp on the whole industry, also I would never have seen myself showing my family and friends directions in the city!

Fashion Forecasting is all about developing upcoming trends. I really did not know what to expect coming into this course due to mainly it was my first time ever going to FIT and taking a Precollege course. My outlook on the topic did not change negatively I am just more intrigued and really know what I want to do with my life. I really encourage everyone to take one of these classes. My goal for the rest of the class is to get a good grade on my final project.

I still have so much to learn about the industry luckily the course is not finished yet! See you next time! xoxo

-Samantha Sosa



Trends for Fall 2015

November just began meaning colder weather is approaching.This could mean an excuse to do more shopping than usual. What else is better than staying warm and in style? Here are some trends I’ve been seeing everywhere and absolutely love.

Over the knee boots: Effortless and stunning on any body type. These boots will keep you warm and will suit any outfit! Pair with leggings, jeans or even a dress. These boots are very versatile. Perfect for a night out or the day time. Over the knee boots will add you a bit of maturity and sensuality.


(Givenchy Boots, reposted from

Sneakers: Fall is the last season to wear your favorite sneakers before the snow invades. White sneakers have been all the rave lately. From adidas to Nike Air Force 1’s these will leave you feeling sporty and fun. You can work these with any outfit. Dress them up or down for everyday.


(Adidas Superstar vs. Nike Air Force 1, reposted from

Cool Coats: Obviously coats are very necessary for the colder weather but if you’re like me, I love to layer and not just wear one big bulky coat. Bold colored jackets, fur coats, fur trimmed coats, vests, cape coats, dusters and longline jackets will keep you right on trend and ready for the brisk weather.


(Vest and Hat, reposted from


(Palermo Jacket, reposted from


(Duster Jacket, reposted from

Bell Bottom Jeans: Ditch your skinny jeans…Bell bottom jeans are the next big thing. The 70’s trend is still going strong. Fit and flare jeans paired with a chunky sweater or with some high heel booties will make you feel confident and chic.

bell jeans 3

(Bell Jeans, reposted from

bell jeans 2

(Bell Jeans 2, reposted from


(Turtlenecks, reposted from

Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks were all over the runway. They are trendy as sweaters or as dresses and are great layering pieces. Even mock necks are everywhere too. Pair a chunky thick turtleneck dress with over the knee boots or with some skinny jeans and booties.



Before and After

I see a big difference in myself and my work since I’ve been taking Precollege classes at FIT.   Last semester, I took Fabric Styling.  We designed boards based off celebrities signature styles and learned a lot about layout and organization. Learning about these things has prepared me for the class I am taking now, HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future.  For our projects we need to make power points, blogs and boards, so in order for our presentations to look professional they need to be well thought out and put together neatly.

Here are two of my boards from the class I took last semester, HFS 180: Fabric Styling for Fashion.

1.  Emma Watson Fashion Board:

2.  Zooey Deschanel Home Decor Board: 

For my current class Fashion Forecasting I am working on a blog. The assignment is to create “a dream fashion blog.”  I am proud to see how the skills I’ve learned from Fabric Styling have carried over into the class I am taking now. I’m sure both of these classes will also help me with projects in the future and assignments in college.

This is the link to my dream blog.

Another change I’ve seen in myself is that I have gained more knowledge about the fashion industry. In the class Fashion Forecasting, I’ve learned about how trends go in and out of style and how companies decide what goes into their stores.  Before this class I wasn’t aware of all the careers one can have in this wonderful industry.

Thanks for reading, see you guys next week!


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Fashion Merchandising (And Taking Stealth Store Photos)

Macy’s Flower Wall


Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let me explain. I’m currently taking HFM64: The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising, and last week we went around to different stores to check out the displays and such. It just so happened that the Macy’s Flower Show was going on, so we got to see all of the amazing flowers along with the amazing clothes. Thus the flower wall. They’re not real, but all of the flowers inside were, so when you walked in a wave of floral happiness hit your nose!

Before we went out to look at the displays, the amazing Professor Ross explained to the class what we should be looking for as fashion researchers:

  • Window messages and combinations
  • Color stories
  • In-store signage and promotions (table displays)
  • Key items
  • New fashion items/details
  • Wall/fixture merchandising (outfits or individual items?)
  • Important labels/lines to watch

Our final project will be a paper on fashion forecasting (the only paper I’ve ever been excited about writing), so by noticing current trends and key items in stores we’ll have a good idea of how to predict future trends.

We walked over to 34th street to look at the displays in  stores like:


Macy’s                                              H&M

Forever 21                                             Zara

Notice any trends? Leave me a comment with your predictions for next year!

A little trick Professor Ross taught us is to scope out the inside of a store first, sneak in some pictures, and then go outside to take shots of the window displays. If you shoot the windows first the salespeople will know you’re there to photograph and might give you a hard time. Stores like H&M are pretty chill about taking pictures, but Zara will throw a fit, so you have to be a little sneaky ;) Also, when you’re shooting the window displays, get up really close to the glass, like right on top of it, so the glare won’t show. If you look closely at my picture of the Macy’s display you can see the T Mobile store reflected in the glass, but that was before I learned to get close.

So that was our class, and it was really interesting to see what was going on in the stores right now. Next time you’re out shopping take a minute to really look at the displays and notice how everything is set up. You might be surprised at how different stores market similar items.

We also got to go shopping at Forever 21 after we looked at all the displays, and I got some really cute shorts that I’m dying to wear to class once it gets warm, but that’s a whole different story. There’s going to be someone roaming the halls during class times to take pictures of stylish Precollege students, so I’ve been planning out some fabulous things to wear. I can’t wait to see what some of you guys are wearing!

Hope everyone has had a great week so far, and don’t worry, the weekend is almost here, so we’ll be back at FIT before we know it!