Recap: Spring 2012 AAS Fashion Design Exhibit

Of course, I will begin my post with saying that we should all give a warm round of applause to all the graduating fashion design students! What an amazing  job they did in last month’s exhibit inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli!

For those who are unaware – Elsa Schiaparelli’s is a fashion legend. Elsa Schiaparelli was a 1930’s and 40’s Italian fashion designer. She greatly impacted fashion with her unique style and art form.

Just in case you missed it – here are some images from the exhibit.  Each designer had a mission related to the back story which was, “Get inside Elsa Schiaparelli’s head as a designer, who was she in her world culture, what she was saying through her innovative design and quirky aesthetic, how she was inspired by her close collaborations with contemporary fine artists.”

*Photos below from the FIT Facebook page*
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I'm loving the teeth!

Unique ,isn't it?

My personal fave



Now Showing at FIT: Hue Color Tint Shade

Hue Color Tint Shade is an exhibit designed by students in the first year of the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design program at FIT and explores the topic of color as a selling tool.

What brings you into a store? The window displays which catch your attention! And, color! And that is exactly what this exhibition  features.

The Process:
Teams of two were created and assigned a pantone color and an accessory item. They were then asked to research the meaning, psychology, and cultural influences related to their color and conceptualize a design for a window display using a mannequin. The end result  is this amazing exhibit running through April 20th, 2012 in the Pomerantz Art and Design Center (D-building) lobby. This exhibit is open to the public.

Not only are there different colors but, each mannequin is a representation of each team’s imagination and creativity. It is one of the most amazing things I have seen here while interning at FIT. You must check it out and tell me what you think in the comment box below.


On Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design:

This program provides an in-depth, interdisciplinary education that prepares you to create exhibits and presentations from conceptualization through fabrication. In courses taught by professional designers with extensive experience, you’ll learn to use a variety of materials and techniques, including props, electronic media, and lighting.

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Red “Lady Licorice” and Teal “Prorsum Woman”

Silver “Woman of Reflection”, Gold “Modern Luxury” and Copper “Metal Chic”

Orange “The Wondrous Walker”, Yellow “Up up + away”, Red “Lady Licorice”, Teal “Prorsum Woman”, Pink “Artemis” and Neon Green “Luminosity”

Blue “Metamorphic Butterfly” and Chartreuse “Amazones Warrior”

Brown “Tree of Life”, Blue “Metamorphic Butterfly” and Chartreuse “Amazones Warrior”

Beautiful – huh?


Blue “Metamorphic Butterfly”- Christopher Horn and Myoungsuk Kim (Kai)

White “The Birth of Venus”- Naeun Kang (Sarah)

Orange “Balancing Act”- Hyungwoo Kim  and Selamawit Wondwossen

Green “Dancing in the Rain”- Gi Min Ha and Rebecca Morales

Brown “Tree of Life”- Keiry Benitez and Ekaterina Nor

Chartreuse “Amazones Warrior”- Shirley Dutan and Dan Ko

Pink “Artemis”- Shan Khan and Steven Brown

Red “Lady Licorice”- Emily Seroka and Isabelle Montsion

Orange “The Wondrous Walker”- Juliana Hostetter and Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Copper “Metal Chic”- Soo Yeon Gee and Lisa Fishbein

Olive Green “Gaia”- Briana Scanzuso  and Edith Koci

Yellow “Up up + away”- Meredith Posner and Emily Plassmann

Gold “Mondern Luxury”- Gina Ortiz and Alyssa Cohen

Silver “Woman of Reflection”- Melissa Kosick and Jillian Manna

Neon Orange “Captured”- Alexandria Yates and Mina Nakajima

Magenta “The Bird Lady”- Kaiyi Xu and Jennifer Park

Neon Green “Luminosity”- Luis Colon and Alyssa Cammarata

Black “The Reincarnation”- Tracy Pellington and Sharon Kim

Teal “Prorsum Woman”- Kate Kim and Amy Jung

Now Showing: Jane Gennaro’s Feed the Models

Scissor drawing, pink

Photo from FIT's News & Events Page

The work of artist Jane Gennaro is currently on display in the D-Lobby, right outside of the Precollege Office! The exhibit is called, Feed the Models: The Scissor Drawings of Jane Gennaro.

This exhibit is free and open to the public, and will be up through January 26, 2012.





Feed the Models: The Scissor Drawings of Jane Gennaro will include Gennaro’s unique scissor drawings, cut from images in fashion magazines, plus sculptural variations with bones and science glass, as well as large-scale prints on metallic surfaces. The artworks are based on Gennaro’s commentary, Feed the Models, which aired on National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered in 2002. In addition to creating art, Gennaro is a writer, performer, cartoonist, voice-over artist, and illustrator. Common threads that bind her work include storytelling, femininity, and how the human body is presented in the media, which is what led her to question the fashion industry’s use of extremely thin models.

Photos taken from FIT's News & Events Page and the School of Art & Design's Blog

For more information, you can, check out FIT’s Main News & Events page!
You can view the blog post on FIT’s School of Art & Design blog here!
You can visit Jane Gennaro’s website to view other images in her Feed the Models Gallery.
Check it out, and let us know what you think! Lastly, don;t forget to sign the book!

Photo by me.

Multicultural Inspirations: A Fashion Design AAS Exhibit

Fashion Design AAS Exhibition – Art and Apparel Specialization
Spring /Summer collections
Multicultural Inspirations
Showing From: Wednesday, November 30th – Sunday December 4th
Location: Great Hall

Let me start off by saying congratulations to all the graduating fashion design students, what a spectacular job!

Walking into the exhibit in the Great Hall, I was left speechless. The set up for this exhibit is absolutely amazing. As you enter the hall, you feel like you have entered a different time period. It’s almost as if you stepped into a time machine – every garment is a different cultural era. The dimmed lights, cultural music and beautiful vibrant slideshow makes gives you immediately more relaxed. It is very interesting how every single designer and artist had a different style. Each designer has a signature emphasis on an element in their work (either the eye lashes, or the shadowing or even the hair, etc).

Congratulations to the apparel winners:

  • Mariane Lourdes Perez
  • Tessa Perlow
  • Lindsay Rubio
  • Sung Eun Bae
  • Nilay Ozkul

Congratulations to the apparel winners:

  • William Chitra-Straley
  • Nakura Clark

Make sure to stop by the great hall THIS SATURDAY to see the wonderful & breathing taking exhibit! Let me know if you felt like you were in a time machine too!!!

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Here are some pictures taken by FIT: