Now Showing: Jane Gennaro’s Feed the Models

Scissor drawing, pink

Photo from FIT's News & Events Page

The work of artist Jane Gennaro is currently on display in the D-Lobby, right outside of the Precollege Office! The exhibit is called, Feed the Models: The Scissor Drawings of Jane Gennaro.

This exhibit is free and open to the public, and will be up through January 26, 2012.





Feed the Models: The Scissor Drawings of Jane Gennaro will include Gennaro’s unique scissor drawings, cut from images in fashion magazines, plus sculptural variations with bones and science glass, as well as large-scale prints on metallic surfaces. The artworks are based on Gennaro’s commentary, Feed the Models, which aired on National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered in 2002. In addition to creating art, Gennaro is a writer, performer, cartoonist, voice-over artist, and illustrator. Common threads that bind her work include storytelling, femininity, and how the human body is presented in the media, which is what led her to question the fashion industry’s use of extremely thin models.

Photos taken from FIT's News & Events Page and the School of Art & Design's Blog

For more information, you can, check out FIT’s Main News & Events page!
You can view the blog post on FIT’s School of Art & Design blog here!
You can visit Jane Gennaro’s website to view other images in her Feed the Models Gallery.
Check it out, and let us know what you think! Lastly, don;t forget to sign the book!

Photo by me.

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  1. Thanks, for this wonderful post, Yulissa. It’s great to know my art is having an impact. I’m reallly interested in the response and impressions of students to the work.

  2. Wow, thank you for commenting on my post! It was great viewing all of your work. I just know our students are going to love it too!

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