Hi guys! 10 weeks should feel like a long time, but these weeks have gone by so quickly. With only two classes left, the friendships that have been formed is what I will miss so much. FIT is fabulous because you are brought together with people who share your interests. This is so different from school because there are very few people who have an interest in what I do. Being in a classroom for hours every Saturday with similar, yet different people is so amazing. I know that I will still keep in contact with the friends I have made after these two classes, and I will hopefully see them again. In my first class, sewing, it is fun to sit at a machine next to friends and sew & talk. Since we have extra time in class, my friend and I made shirts that we taught ourselves to make. It was fun discovering what we could do and what we had learned. It is also really nice to be in a classroom filled with so many sewing machines, it just makes me happy! In my second class, drawing the fashion figure, we have so much fun. I think I have made a new friend every class! Our teacher is always cracking jokes, and makes us all laugh. In this class, the ages range from 14-20. It is cool to talk to juniors about their experience and ask them advice for what I should do. I look forward to my last two classes, but I don’t want them to be over!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 8.41.00 AM

Photo from “FITchella” last week!!

~Emerson :)

Hang Outs

Coming in from the city and staying for at least 8 hours can be tiring, but everything is worth every ounce of energy. It is so exciting waking up (at 6 A.M.!) on Saturday mornings knowing I am coming to be with new friends and to do what I love. As much as I love my classes, it is nice that we get 15 minute breaks in the middle of each class, and an hour lunch break in between my two classes.

For the 15 minute breaks, the perfect place to go is Starbucks. I usually go with friends during both breaks to grab a drink to have before returning to class.  It is the perfect place to go because it is right across the street and convenient (if the lines aren’t out the door!)IMG_3639

Here is a photo of some friends on our way to Starbucks!

For lunch my friend and I go to the perfect place- Whole Foods! I never thought about going there for lunch, but they have a salad bar which has everything imaginable- I love it. Whole Foods is only 3 blocks away, so we go and it takes about 20 minutes to get there, get our food, and get back. That leaves us 40 whole minutes to get back and eat. We either eat in the lobby or outside if its nice! IMG_3211


This is my friend, Larson and I after eating our Whole Foods in the lobby. (BTW – if you’re on snapchat, check out the geotag for FIT) I cannot believe there is only three classes left! :( Time flies when your having fun!


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Emerson


Hi! My name is Emerson Kobak and I am in ninth grade. I am 14 years old and I am taking two classes at FIT. My experience here so far has been amazing. My teachers are great. My school does not offer any fashion related courses, so making an hour and a half journey from Connecticut to the Big Apple is like heaven. I look forward to my week ending and being able to be in a classroom of people that I can connect with due to our similar interests. It’s nothing I have ever experienced before because there are very few students at school who are interested in the same things as me. I am currently taking Sewing for Fashion Designers and Creating the Fashion Figure.

I am very passionate about fashion, sewing, fashion designing and fashion illustration. I have been sewing since I was 6 years old. My grandma taught me how to hand sew, and then I taught myself how to sew on the machine. When I was about 8 years old, I started my own business. It was called LOXO (lots of hugs and kisses). I made pillows, phone cases, recorder cases, and more items made from fleece. I sold my things at people’s houses and selling booths at “shows.” I loved doing this. My first big project I made was my Bat Mitzvah dress. My Bat Mitzvah theme was fashion, and I made and drew many of the decorations. The dress took a lot of mess ups and time to make, but I was very happy with the outcome!

I currently help make the costumes for my school theater program. I go every day after school. This has been a fabulous experience! Instead of finishing my day of school and going to play a sport, like most students, I get to do what I love every day! The last play that was done was Hello Dolly and we just finished Sweeney Todd.

I love expressing myself through my style everyday at school. I always make unique fashion choices, and do not worry about what everyone else is wearing. I do sometimes get looks in the hallway for dressing differently, but I only dress for myself. I love dressing up. One day I came to a realization: why hide myself of what I really want to be and what I want to wear, just to fit in, and not stand out? I realized I want to stand out. I love fashion, so I decided to go against the norm and be myself. I also love making my own clothing to introduce different clothes to my wardrobe! (I made the skirt I am wearing in the photo)

I have just recently started blogging. I’d always wanted to start a fashion blog to share my ideas and outfits with others. I take photos of my outfits in the morning when I think they are “photo worthy”,  so I thought: why not have a place to put all of them? I love blogging because I like to use my voice as I write to show the world (or the few people who may actually read my blog;)) who I am. (

Thanks for reading!!:):)