Spare Change

Three of my pieces from my first class at FIT!

Change…it’s a loaded word, isn’t it? Many people are hesitant to step into new situations, embark on uncharted waters. But, in our ever-evolving society, change is something we need to embrace. FIT has helped me to cultivate this mindset by teaching me that change can be a catalyst for creativity and positivity. As I travel into the city each week for class, I am kept on my toes by the dynamic developments occurring in today’s fashion industry.

A unique design from one of FIT’s curated museum exhibits. I love how this piece challenges typical fashion through its asymmetrical shape, unique pattern, and beautiful butterfly detail!

Much like New York City, the world of fashion and art is something that transforms every day, every hour, every minute. Being surrounded by such knowledgeable professors and talented peers who have my same passion for this exhilarating field challenges me to think outside of the box and explore new ideas in my own artistic journey. When I sat down in my first FIT class three years ago as a nervous freshman in high school who loved to sew, my perception of fashion was relatively limited to what I personally thought was aesthetically pleasing. As time went on and I enrolled in more classes, however, I learned that fashion was so much more than beautiful clothing; it is an art form that represents the evolution of culture.

This is a Charles James design I saw at the MET a few summers ago. At the time this piece was created, it was completely breaking customary fashion (and societal) boundaries!

My time at FIT has taught me to question social norms and challenge complacency, both in my creations and in daily life. I challenge all of you to step outside of your comfort zones in your artwork and embrace the excitement of change. To quote the great CoCo Chanel, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Talk to you next week!


3 Lessons I’ve Learned At FIT

Hello readers! In the past days, I have reflected on how my life has changed since starting classes at FIT. All of these changes have been positive, but I never thought learning more about my field of interest would change anything. I obviously knew that by the end of the semester I would have gained more knowledge, but here are 3 things I’ve learned, that have also changed my life since taking precollege classes at FIT.

1. Time Management

When spending your Saturday mornings and afternoons in New York, you have to learn time management. Balancing school, FIT, and my social life was hard at first, but now is very simple. I’ve learned that if something is important to me, I have to make time for it. Time management is a vital skill that I will continue to use throughout life. For example, I’ve figured out how much time I need to make it to Grand Central from FIT, buy lunch on the way, and still make my train back to Connecticut. At home, I manage my time by scheduling when I should do certain assignments for school so that I don’t procrastinate.


2. Using The Subway

New York’s subway system used to be the most daunting thing about the city for me. Now, I can use it with ease. Carrying around a map of the city and also having one handy on my phone has helped me tremendously in understanding how to navigate my way around New York. My family used to try to teach me how to get around, but now I’m teaching them! I like it much better than taking a cab everywhere because it’s cheaper and more interesting. I also find that I walk more than I would taking a cab and I love walking around New York.

3. Dressing In Layers

This lesson may be obvious, but I’ve found that I’ve utilized this styling tip more this semester. Not only does this keep me warm, but also makes my outfits unique. I love layering clothes I would usually wear in the summer with turtlenecks and then wearing a coat over that. Transitioning away for my warmer weather clothes is hard, so I like to wear them for as long as I can.

All of these lessons have changed me because not only am I using them in New York and at FIT, but also in my life back home. Not only have I seen these changes in myself and my life, but my family and friends have too. Overall, my experience at FIT so far has been absolutely positive and I’m very happy I decided to take Precollege classes. I can’t wait to come back next semester!


Have a great week everyone!

Thanks for reading,

Kenzie Davis

How FIT changes me…

It’s not intentional, I don’t walk on to campus and think “okay, I’m going to become a different person.” It’s completely natural.

When I step foot onto FIT’s campus I completely change on the inside with no intentions. I mean, how could I not? Honestly, Manhattan in and of itself changes me, so attending classes about the one thing I love, IN Manhattan, just tops it all off. The adrenaline I get just off walking to class is exhilarating, I instantly feel 10x more independent and I get this feeling where any opportunity can come about any minute. When I’m at FIT I feel I can put everything else aside and focus on the thing I love to do: fashion. Here I feel like nothing else matters and I have the to freedom to just absorb everything around me, whether it be in class or inspiration on the streets.

FIT has also changed me in terms of knowledge with the fashion industry (obviously!). After taking classes I feel so much more educated with fashion-related topics, my favorite part of this is that I can apply my knowledge to everyday experiences, such as when I go shopping. For example, when I see a store’s window or how the mannequins are dressed I now think about how much thought went into each window and the key things that a person had to keep in mind while styling the mannequin or decorating the window.

Now, some things about this weeks class: This week we just briefly went over the fashion cycle and things of that nature. Then, we took a trip to the FIT Library for an overview of how to use the databases and some forecasting services. I am so thrilled to be able to have access to these amazing tools (that I can literally spend all day on). Not only will these tools benefit me for my curiosity and interest but they will also help me immensely with the three projects I will have to do (which I promise I’ll share). Ahh, the perks of being a Precollege student! :)

Fashionably truly,


Changing Into a Different Person on Saturday Mornings

When I get on that train to go to class at FIT each Saturday morning, it’s almost as if I change into a different person. Not in a weird or negative way of course.

At home I am Mary Peleti…

  • the daughter
  • the sister
  • the friend
  • the straight-A student
  • the girl who has a unique sense of style

At FIT I am Mary Peleti… future fashion stylist.

It’s easier to focus on my goals in that change of environment where no one really knows anything about me, other than that.  Additionally, I feel that FIT Precollege changes me in the sense that I get to experience independence in a way that I wouldn’t at such a young age if I didn’t do this program.  This may sound silly, but I feel like I get to be an adult on Saturday mornings.  There is something just so liberating about walking down 7th avenue after class, with the option to go anywhere that I desire in the amazing city that is New York.


Expectations and What I’ve Learned So Far

My expectations for Fashion Design Techniques are to learn how to drape and to learn how to place the muslin correctly on the dress form. I have noticed that the class is getting harder. I thought everything was easy until we went to put the muslin on the dress form…Let’s just say things didn’t go so smoothly. It’s really hard to get everything lined up and if it’s not then everything will be wrong after that. My self expectations are to get accepted into FIT and to get all As and Bs – this can be a challenge because I’m in 2 AP classes and I’m not doing to well in physics (Science is always my worst subject; I can’t wait to NOT have to take it senior year.) I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well, but it’s a comfort that your portfolio matters a lot too.

I haven’t really had to change anything about myself coming to FIT. I like how everyone has such different styles but you can all talk about fashion. I love how on the 1st day of class you can scope out everyone’s individual style and see if they have a similar style to you. FIT changed me in the way that I became more open to other’s opinions and styles. FIT made me become a better drawer for sure. I couldn’t even draw before I took Fashion Art for Fashion Designers. If I do say so myself, I’m a good artist now. I can draw the croquis. FIT is so different from my school because everyone dresses kind of outrageously, where at my school the atmosphere is definitely more normal. I like expressing myself at FIT.

I was surprised that I learned to draw really fast and even more surprised that I’m doing very well in draping so far. I could actually help other people when I’m usually the one that needs to be helped. The atmosphere at FIT is friendly, although of course there are those that are not very friendly and don’t have a nice attitude to put it nicely. But that’s ok. I don’t really put attention to those people because I’m here to have fun and learn about the different aspects of the industry. FIT is my favorite part of the week; I get to go to my dream college, shop, learn, and explore the city.

See You Next Week,