How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Fashion Journey

Fashion designers from all over the world get their start at FIT. Many come back to learn even more skills, to stay on the cutting edge of fashion design and development. FIT has concentrations in menswear or womenswear.
Whether you’ve been creating your own fashions since you were a tiny tot or just decided yesterday you were meant to be a designer, Precollege can get you set up with the skills you need to start or improve!
11-session Precollege Courses
We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
4-day workshops
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:
  • Designing a Fashion Mini Collection – learn how to develop a womenswear collection using mix and match techniques
  • Menswear Fashion Illustration  learn how to translate your ideas into a menswear collection.
  • A Week in the Life of a Menswear Designer – shadow a menswear designer to see how the design world works
  • Simply Sewing  get the basics of sewing on a residential machine.
  • Introduction to Draping Using Half Scale – ease your way into fashion draping using easy-to-manage small scale mannequins.
  • Fashion Design Finding Inspiration – go from idea to mood board, to creative collection for evening or ready-to-wear.
  • Costume and Couture Rendering – learn how to use markers and colored pencils to make your designs look realistic.
  • A Week in the Life of a Fashion Designer – shadow a womenswear designer to see how the design world works.
  • Wearable Technology: Fashion Meets Function – learn how to add the latest tech innovations into your fashion collections.
    Summer Session    Fall Session    Spring Session
1-day Creative Career Series
On Saturday, April 13th, spend the afternoon with fashion designer, Christopher Uvenio. Christopher will go over his journey from fashion school to working for design houses such as Todd Olham and Anna Sui.
Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!

How can FIT’s Precollege Programs help you on your Interior Design Journey

Interior Design is one of the most popular majors at FIT. Interior designers create worlds inside walls with their creative layouts, material and lighting choices. But don’t confuse design with decorating. Interior Design is essentially interior architecture and is in the field of technical design.
We recommend a high school Precollege Live Class:
We recommend a high school Precollege Workshop:
  • Model Building- make a basic architectural model, either as a hobby or as the 3-D model building component required for many admissions portfolios.
  • Exploring Interior Design delve into the interior design industry, learning how to create aesthetic environments. Develop client boards and take trips to showrooms to immerse yourself in the world of a New York interior designer.
    Summer Session   Fall Session   Spring Session
On Saturday March 30th, spend the afternoon with interior designer Shannon Leddy. Shannon will explain her journey from interior design student to owner and principal of her own firm, Shannon M. Leddy Interior Design.

Wherever you are on your journey, there is a Precollege learning experience for you!

Instructor Spotlight: Erin Lefevre

Erin Lefevre is a native New Yorker and Documentary Photographer. Erin has interned at The Muskegon Chronicle in Michigan and The Hawk Eye Newspaper in Burlington, Iowa. At the conclusion of her internship, she began her freelance career. Her work appears in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AARP, Associated Press, ProPublica, and various nonprofit organizations. She has worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for The Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco and at The International Center of Photography in NYC. She held her first primary educator role this past summer at the Brooklyn Public Library as Lead Photojournalism Educator. Erin received her BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute.


Erin Lefevre Teaches:
JSX 005: Introduction to Digital Photography for Middle School Students
Spring Session
Summer Session

Teaching Philosophy:
Photography is an incredible way to document history, share stories, and inspire others. My primary objectives as an educator are to offer different perspectives of the world to my students and to nurture their creativity to its utmost potential. Whether or not they decide they want to pursue photography professionally or continue it as a hobby, I strive to give my students a space to take creative risks, make meaningful work, and learn skills they can apply to all aspects of their lives.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:

  • Photo Editor at, 2018-2019
  • Getty Images Creative Bursary Grant Recipient, First Place, 2018
  • Visualizing Life With Autism, New York Times Feature, 2018
  • Lead Photojournalism Educator, Brooklyn Public Library, 2018
  • CUNY TV Guest Speaker, 2018
  • Freelance Photojournalist, 2018-present

Photography by Erin Lefevre:


Instructor Spotlight: Leticia Valdez

Leticia is a New York City-based freelance fashion and portraiture photographer who works with digital, film and 19th-century alternative photographic processes.  Her photographic style is dim and soft, often drawing inspiration from art history and solitude. She is moved by dull and dark color palettes, opting for a quiet and serene mood.  Leticia earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts in Costume Studies from New York University.

Leticia Valdez Teaches:
HSX 111: Fashion Photography Workshop
Teaching Philosophy: 
My mission is to excite students by introducing them to not only the technical skills needed to craft a photographic image but to expand their knowledge and vision by acquainting them with the history of photography and fashion photography.  My end goal is that my students put into practice the tools and lessons learned in the classroom and, when combined with their personal aesthetic and imagination, they embark on a visual fantasy with a realization there is no limit to what can be created photographically.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions: 
Soho Photo Gallery, New York City
July 2016
The 30 Collective – BFA Photography Exhibition, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City May 2015
Departures – BFA Photography Exhibition, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City December 2013
Commission / Features:
Photo Vogue, Lucy’s Magazine, Icon Magazine, Latent Magazine, The Gloss Magazine, The Quiet Front.
Garment Collection Photographer for New York University and private collectors and retail.

Photography by Leticia Valdez:

Instructor Spotlight: Megan Madden

Self-portrait by Megan Madden

Megan Madden, an alumna Precollege student, is an Associate Photo Editor on Refinery29’s Photo Research team. During her course of study, Megan interned for MILK Studios, Refinery29, and Ecko Unltd. Post graduation she was an assistant at SkyPie Studios shortly before joining the Refinery29 Editorial Photo Team. Megan graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with her Bachelors in Photography in 2016.


Megan Madden Teaches:
HWE 011 55A Creative Careers: Photographer

Teaching Philosophy: 
Curiosity is key! No matter how strange or random, it’s important to explore your ideas and exercise your visual muscles because regardless of the outcome it will always be a learning experience to grow from. Exploring and executing your creative ideas only leaves room for more to come! 

Industry Experience:
Post-college Megan assisted a stop motion animator working on visual campaigns for companies like Fendi, W Mag and Walmart. She then went on to work for Refinery29’s Editorial Photo Team producing and photographing original content along with creating imagery for Smirnoff, Halo Top Ice Cream and Sephora. 

Photography by Megan Madden: