In The Halls: Sarah

Student: Sarah

Program: Summer 4-day High School Workshops

Precollege Course: HSX 084: Designing a Fashion Mini-Collection

Describe your personal style?
My personal style is an eclectic mix of vintage styles, mainly 80s and 90s, with more modern streetwear trends sometimes mixed in.

Where do you go on breaks from class?
I’ve just been exploring the campus as I’m still getting to know it.

What is your favorite thing about FIT?
My favorite things about FIT are the creativity, artistic drive, and unique styles each student has.

Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by any and all kinds of art, movie characters and music.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
I would like to be a fashion designer and start my own streetwear clothing company here in New York.