Hi Everyone!

Blogs are sooo early 2000s… or are they? Blogs are a great way to store information and links. That’s why we’ve kept our Precollege Blog going all these years. We mainly used it for Instructor Spotlights and Student Highlights (you can check our archives!), but now we are going to use it for some resources for our Precollege learning community.

Each week we will highlight a topic, for example: pro tips on how to write your admissions essay, ways to find inspiration while social distancing, and special tips for creatives of all kinds.

This week we are looking at Google Arts and Culture. There’s so much to do on GA&C, we are jussssst going to focus on museums this week. Museums are great places to find inspiration and many are making their collections available virtually. You can now visit literally thousands of collections from home! Some museums you can virtually walk around in, for example, the Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain. Using the same image capture technology used for Google Street View, you can explore the iconic building and Richard Serra sculptures. Other museums have beautiful web-based galleries, for example, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. Some museums only have a few pieces from their collection on Google. For example, the Whitney Museum of American art has 60 pieces on Google but has over 20,000 images on their website. So, if your favorite museum isn’t on there check their direct website!

Do you have a favorite Museum? Let us know in the comments 🙂