Instructor Spotlight: Morgan Wisniewski

Morgan Wisniewski is an independent filmmaker, director, and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in film production with a concentration in documentary film from SUNY Purchase College. She began teaching during college and has since taught elementary through high school level students. She started by making her films independently but has recently begun writing her first full-length feature film, Charter475.

Morgan Wisniewski teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:

HSX 118: Welcome to My Channel: YouTube Filmmaking

Teaching Philosophy:

Education is one of the best road trips you will ever be on. Though there may be bumps in the road and detours along the way, the destination is always worth it. Students should never be afraid to admit that they do not know something or that they are confused. I am always here to help my students.

Industry Experience:

  • Media Co-ordinator for New Hope Academy Charter School
  • Executive Producer, WXGB Fun Finance Radio & TV – Awarded Greenburgh Best Of list for 2016, by Paul Feiner, Greenburgh Town Supervisor
  • Film Producer – Xposure Foundation Inc.
  • Director – Independent Filmmaker

Work by Morgan Wisniewski: