Instructor Spotlight: Barry Gold

Barry Gold began teaching at FIT in 2012. He holds classes in both the lower and upper divisions, including courses in Advertising Copywriting, Creative Strategies, and Advertising and Promotion. He graduated from the University of Florida, where his major was advertising and communications. He has lived in NYC for over 35 years (on the same block no less!), and been recognized for his award-winning achievements in the advertising and copywriting field. His strong talents for creative and persuasive copywriting have helped him achieve success in major corporate, advertising, and educational markets.


Professor Gold teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:
HAC 063 Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications
HAC 067 How to Get People to Say “Yes!”

Teaching Philosophy:
I tell my students “just start writing – put down a few words and see where they lead you!” Persuasive writing is an art – but one that can be taught and acquired through practice, a patient instructor (me!), and some fun and easy-to-use guidelines. I firmly believe that every budding young writer has his or her own special voice – it’s really just a matter of showing them how to organize and write down ideas in a meaningful way. Like doing a puzzle, where all the pieces eventually fit together.

On Precollege Programs:
The Precollege Program at FIT is an incredible opportunity for high school students to get a head start on the college experience in a safe and comfortable environment. With the “smorgasbord” of courses available, it’s a great way to sample what really piques their interest, and get a feel for the career path they might want to follow. See what’s a good fit, what’s not, and take it from there!

Industry Experience:
Senior Copywriter/Associate Creative Director for Time Inc. Consumer Marketing; Manager of Marketing Communications for Barnes&; Researcher and Writer for the New York City Board of Education.