Instructor Spotlight: Sara Radin

SARASara Radin is a concept designer and fashion trend forecaster. Her internships and work experience span Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach, Converse, The Doneger Group and most recently she is the Associate Editor at WGSN. Sara also runs her own passion project, cultureisland, an online platform for sharing inspiring content as well as interviews with a wide range of creative individuals. She has curated and planned several pop up events including art shows and charity parties. You can learn more about it at



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Professor Radin teaches HSX 99: A Week in the Life of a Concept Designer
Do you enjoy fashion that tells a story? Do you like making moodboards? Do you find images inspiring? In this class, Sara will train you to be a more conceptual and mindful designer. She will also introduce you to other industry professionals who create innovative designs using conceptual thinking.

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Teaching Philosophy:
To train students to see inspiration everywhere and to approach their work thoughtfully and intuitively as a way to bring depth to their designs
On Precollege Programs:
I participated in the FIT Saturday Live program when I was in high school. It was wonderful exposure to college life and each week I enjoyed the independence I felt taking the train from New Jersey into Manhattan with my high school art posse. I’m excited to be back at FIT working with students around the same age I was then. I enjoy mentoring and look forward to showing students the lessons I’ve learned as a young person in the fashion design industry.
Industry Experience:
-Apparel Intern, Polo Ralph Lauren
-Design Intern, Coach
-Assistant + Associate Concept Designer, Converse
-Associate Trend Analyst, The Doneger Group
Advice for Students:
-Soak up knowledge like a sponge. Approach every interaction and experience as a learning opportunity. Speak up for what you believe in and the right people will listen. Do one bold thing everyday.
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