Instructor Spotlight – Tara St James


Tara St James is is an Adjunct Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is the owner and head designer for the sustainable fashion label Study – New York. She was born and raised in Canada where she studied menswear tailoring.






Ms. St James teaches this awesome class:
JSX 050: The Fashion Cycle
This class will teach you the steps need to make your ‘FASHION RUNWAY’ dreams a reality. Learn how your designs travels through the fashion design process; how to translate inspiration into sketches and mood/design boards; why one fabric is better than another; what happens in the pattern room; how the factory works; what it takes to produce a runway show; and finally, how your designs end up in a store! After this class you will know how a real designer puts a line together and have a road map for your future.

Teaching Philosophy: 
My teaching style combines a hands-on atmosphere where students are exposed to current industry techniques and innovations in textiles and finishes as well visits to museums for exposure to present day and historical inspiration. I like to create an environment conducive to sharing ideas and thoughts, allowing the students to learn from one another.  I infuse sustainable thinking in all my courses as it is engrained in my business and lifestyle.

On Precollege Programs:
Teaching the Precollege programs allows me to introduce a new generation to the fashion industry I know and love.  I am continually impressed by the students’ motivation to learn and create above and beyond their current middle / highschool workload.  Their enthusiasm motivates me to share as much as I can so the students have a realist understanding of all this industry can offer them in the future.

Industry Experience:

  • Owner, creative director for Study NY, casual ethical contemporary womenswear made in New York City
  • Designer of womens jeans for Brooklyn Denim Co
  • Launched Covet, mens & womens casual streetwear
  • Designed for Parasuco, Dex, Azzure and Spiewak

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