Instructor Spotlight – Gregg Woodcock

Gregg Woodcock is a Adjunct Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  He hails from the Bronx and has a degree in Industrial Design with a minor in Transportation Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Mr. Woodcock teaches this awesome class:  HLD 031 SK8, Run and Jump into “SNEAKEROLOGY”

Sneaker freakers, fashionistas and advocates of all things different will love this course.  This class will walk you through the development of professional sketches for your own sneaker design.  You’ll learn the importance of design research in various markets including vehicle design, cultures, and music, and then use this research to develop drawings from thumbnails to ink line drawings of your original ideas.  You’ll learn the lingo of athletic shoe parts and become familiar with the process of creating product specifications to present to a company. You’ll also learn basic sketching and presentation techniques required for your portfolio.

Professor Woodcock’s Teaching Philosophy:

To engage the a student’s individuality; channeling what is great in them and how it applies to the course they are enduring.

On Precollege Programs:

“I’m a child at heart.  Teaching here takes me back to my younger days as an artist.  I know what I would have wanted to learn, who I would have modeled myself after and who I was impressed by and wanted to learn from.”

Industry Experience:

  • Lead designer for P. Diddy’s footwear operation
  • Designer of luggage and sport bags for Nautica, Chaps and Trump
  • Launched footwear for Mossimo 
  • Designed for Fila, FUBU Phat Farm, and Diane von Furstenberg

Advice for Students:

     “Be humble.  Find a way to absorb new knowledge.  Open your mind, eyes, ears and be fearless of any question.  Keep a sketch book- not only for sketches but for questions, passions, desires and dreams.”