Everything Good Must Come to an End

The last day of FIT cannot compare to the last day of regular school… I truly feel so sad the last day of every semester here. Some girls in my class were saying today that they feel like a part of their life will be gone after today, and I can completely understand where they are coming from. Although these classes are a lot of work, the accomplishment you feel at the end is fantastic, especially when you put all the effort you could in everything assigned to you. You leave with no regrets. I want to give all of you the biggest virtual hug for reading my posts week after week, and hope that you  enjoyed them and you gained something from each and every one! It is such an amazing opportunity to get to share my experiences every week with you guys, it surpasses any other way to express my thoughts, feelings, or how my day went.

Now, I think you’re curious as to how my last day was. Well, in my Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising class we went to the fur manufacturer as I said last week. It is such an interesting place! The two men that run the place explained to us how they are manufacturing furs 8-9 months in advance, they’re working on Fall 2013 right now. They make designs for Michael Kors, Vince, Theory, Helmut Lang, Elizabeth & James and many more! The pieces in there were absolutely gorgeous, I wish I took pictures. Excitingly, they were selling sample scarfs, hats, mittens and a few other things so of course, I had to buy something… I’ll post what I got below, it’s a gorgeous burgundy scarf. By the way, I know this is kind of a controversial topic and by no means am I fully for fur and condone it but I am not completely against it either. After this we went back to the school and went to a holiday party, there was chocolate fondue, a Christmas movie playing, gingerbread houses to make, a photography booth, and a place to make cards for the victims killed in the Connecticut shooting on Friday. All my class had time for was to make the cards, but it was still fun and for a wonderful cause. I don’t even like talking about the shooting, it makes me so upset, I cannot fathom what those people had to go through. Furthermore, we got some free stuff at the end like sunglasses, hats, drawstring bags (who doesn’t love free stuff??).


In Fabric Styling we had one more project to do, so I worked on that the whole time basically. I chose Nylon magazine and created an editorial for it. Since Nylon incorporates pop culture into their magazine I wanted to base my editorial off of The Great Gatsby, which is coming out in May 2013. I picked out an elegant, upscale, European style mansion for my location and went with “pastels in winter” and outwear for my product.

So, guys, we’re at the end of this post, I’m actually overly sad right now… I know I’m dramatic, but all I can say is Thank You!  I encourage every one of you out there to take a class at FIT, even if you think fashion, photography, art, whatever, isn’t “your thing”, try it anyway because you never know! So many students come into these classes worried that they won’t be good as everyone else but that is never  the case because practically everyone feels the same way. Between experiences, knowledge, friends, and so much more, you come out of these classes with a whole mind set changed, whether it’d be from what you want to pursue in life or what you’ll be doing in your spare time now!

Farewell fellow fashionistas!
Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Fashionably Yours,