Sewing, Sparkles, and Halter Tops

This week I had free time in my sewing class. Well, I knew that I would have free time due to the fact that I had finished all my projects. My shirt had come out nicely, though I’m unhappy with the hemming as my machine had been giving my trouble. I brought enough fabric to class to make a dress. My friend and I had a photo shoot planned for Sunday, so I

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the purple, lacy skirt is the one i made.

thought it would be fun to make something using the industrial machines they have in class. My mum and I got there with fifty minutes to spare, so I got some coffee to keep me awake. I spent the first half of my sewing class making the dress. I had underestimated how long it would take me to sew the skirt, so I ended up modifying the basic blouse and sewing it to the skirt I made. I added a white zipper to the front, on the left side. It wasn’t very attractive but I did it more for practice then looks. Then in my fifteen minute break I went over to Gigi café and got some more coffee. I think I have a problem. Then I spent the rest of the class playing around with the dress and making a detachable collar. For lunch I went to the pita grill for falafel. Then I picked up the signup sheet for my draping class. Once class started I pinned my style tape back onto my dress form. We were finishing up the basic bodices. My professor had us all come to the front of the class once we had finished preparing our dress forms. She went over what we did during our last class, and then showed us how to finish the bodices. It was very complicated, so she went over it twice, and let us takes our time. I finished before our break, so she showed me what we were doing next. We would be draping halter tops, but we would get to decide how they would look. She told me to arrange my style tape on the dress form then show how everything would play out. Before I finished it was time for the break so I went on a walk. When I got back I finished preparing my dress form. I decided to do something asymmetrical, so I will be draping a full front and back, instead of halves. I spent the rest of the class measuring and cutting my front piece, then marking where the style tape was. We cleaned up the classroom and I went on my merry way. I’m really looking forward to doing my halter top; I think might use it to make a pattern. I also need to remember to bring more fabric to my sewing class next week.