Fashion Design AAS Exhibition + Final Projects

I wanted to dedicate a post solely to the Fashion Design AAS Exhibition that was inspired by the ADRIAN in the 1940’s. These garments are designed for Spring/Summer 2013. Let me just tell you that I was so amazed by all of the work  I
witnessed in the John E. Reeves Great Hall today! I am no Karl Lagerfeld by any means, but I am aware of the hard work, dedication and creativeness it takes to execute a garment.  I am especially impressed when they are as amazing as the ones I will show below. I included the names of the designers for these garments because I just couldn’t go without giving credit. The most astonishing part of all of this is that these are only second year students! I can only imagine what their work will be like when they graduate! First, the exhibit started off with showing the designer’s sketches and what inspired them. The sketches speak for themselves, they are just as good as the designs.

Here are the designs that really stood out to me. From left to right starting on the top the garments are designed by: Camilla Leta Castro, Ayse Akin, Gihyang Kahn, Nelly Guinand, Emily Hyejung and Amber Younghams. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one ore more of these individuals who have had garments shown in the exhibit will be a top designer within a few years!


Sadly, classes are coming to an end and that means one thing: final projects!  I am going to be super busy this week between school work, tests, completing my final project for my merchandising class and one of my projects for my fabric styling class.  I should get working on both right now as a matter of fact.  For my merchandising class, we have to present Fall 2012 trends, colors, fabrics and prints in a PowerPoint presentation.  I’ve been hearing about Prezi presentations a lot lately. I may try that out too.  For fabric styling, we were put in groups and chose a celebrity to create a brand for.  Our group chose Olivia Palermo.  Pictures will be coming soon!  After this semester, my next major decision is deciding what class I am going to take next semester! Ahhh…it’s so hard!  There are too many options!

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