Back to Class

Class this past week was a blessing (a herd of unicorns is also called a blessing, but class this week really was like being in a herd of magical horses).
The moment I walked in, I felt like my life was picking up and moving on. My classmates were really supportive and made me feel a lot better than I had before. Professor Uvenio gave up his break to talk to me and listen to my story. He even gave me a glue stick to replace the one which got ruined in the flood.
After class, my family met me at THE BEST fried chicken place ever, Hill Country Chicken on West 25th and Broadway. I highly suggest you check it out. ALL OF THE FOOD is delicious. THEY HAVE PIES. AND MINI PIES. AND PIE SHAKES. Pies worthy of inducing a diabetic coma. Then we went to Goodwill, and got some clothes that we needed really bad.
Sorry if this post is a lot shorter than my usual one, and not as well written or thought out. I’ve been really busy clearing out rooms to live in, putting away stuff, stressing out over school… it’s a lot to put on a 16-year old’s shoulders. I’m thankful for all the things I do have, though. I’m thankful my fabric and sewing machines weren’t ruined. I’m thankful my entire family is alive and safe. I’m thankful that the illustrations I was working on weren’t ruined. I’m thankful we had a place to go, and I’m thankful my grandma took us in. I’m thankful for the amazing friends I have who’ve shared their clothes with my sister and me.
If you know anyone who’s been affected by the hurricane, ask them what they need. If they need clothes, my favorite thrift store (Goodwill) has a special for hurricane victims where they have $50/person (up to $250 per family) to spend on whatever they need. It’s not advertised, but you have to talk to the manager before shopping, tell your story, provide your name and address, and have them ring up your purchases. Here’s a link to an article from Glamour magazine on other ways to help:
So next post will be back to scheduled programming along the lines of fashion and FIT. This hurricane’s thrown everything out of whack for me, and it’s taking some time to adjust to the new normal.
Did you get affected at all? What’s your story? How are you dealing with the after-effects?