How to Spend Your Time on Breaks

When we’re not in class for 3 hours learning about the stuff we love, you can find us, Precollege students, on break. Now, that’s either our 15-20 min break during class or 1 hour break for lunch. After countless “breaks” I have gathered my favorite places to hang out on campus, eat and shop:

These are the places I hang out on campus, for your free time when you have a few minutes left before you need to head back to class and don’t want to rush from 5 blocks away:

  • the cafeteria, specifically if you want a quick snack or something to drink
  • if it’s a nice day outside, hang out on the benches across from the B&N bookstore or on the tables and chairs across from the Feldman (C) building
  • there’s always something going on at FIT, walk over to the Pomerantz (D) building and take a look at all of the presentations in the lobby

Best places to grab a bite to eat:

  • Starbucks / 7th ave between 27th and 28th st.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts / 7th ave between 26th and 27th ave
  • Gigi Cafe /  7th Ave between 27th & 28th st.
  • Brgr / 7th ave between 26th and 27th street
  • Rosa’s Pizza / 7th ave W 27th
  • Panera / 7th ave between 28th and 29th st.

And of course, shopping:

  • Buffalo Exchange / W.26th between 7th and 6th ave
  • American Apparel / 7th Ave. between 29th & 30th st.
  • Style Shop / located in FIT’s Dubinsky (A) building / I’m telling you they really do have good stuff and aren’t even that expensive!
  • If you have enough time, walk up to 34th street to go to stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Macys


Fashionably Truly,