My Elderly Bodyguard

Hola blog readers! So I’m going to let you in on one of my weird habits… I use elderly women as body guards. Trust me, it’s a lot more sensible than it sounds.

For example, every day after FIT I have to walk two blocks to my parents’ office. You never know what could happen in two blocks… So what I usually do is walk behind or next to an old woman. Who would hurt an old woman? Exactly. No one. Who would hurt a handsome, trendy, desireable sixteen year old walking next to an old woman? Hopefully no one…

So here is today’s old lady:

She wore a cute little sun hat and was carrying a recycle bag full of books. 

Also, I discovered a few little spots that you guys can check out during your lunch break, or even after FIT! For lunch today I went to Rosa’s Pizza with some friends. It is conveniently across the street from the D Building entrance and they had delicious slices! I definitely recommend Rosa’s. There’s also a Starbuck’s very close by where I made a quick stop to get an iced coffee during my fifteen minute break.

After FIT I decided to check out the thrift store, Buffalo Exchange. I heard many good things about the shop, and being the shopaholic I am, I had to check it out. They had really cool, worn, vintage-looking shoes, as well as greatly discounted shirts, sweaters, denim, shorts, and any other kind of apparel/shoes/accessories you could think of. Their selection for women is a lot bigger, but nevertheless the men’s side didn’t lack to impress. I found a great Michael Kors knit sweater for only $20! I was on line to purchase it when I realized it was summer, and the last thing I should be buying was a knit sweater…

I have an assignment to complete for HAC 063: Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications, so I should be getting to that asap.. Again, thanks for reading!! Comments are encouraged!








  • Salt Valley denim button down from Urban Outfitters available here
  • Graphic tee from H&M that you can find here

Bottoms: Brown denim cut-off shorts from Urban Outfitters

Shoes: TOMS chambray botas from here

Accessories: Vintage black/brown leather messenger bag