Course Showcase: HAD 109 Illustrator for Beginners

Are you interested in logos and illustration for Communication Design? Learn Illustrator! Check out this course available for high school students on Saturdays this Spring.  For information on our Spring 2012 Program Details, click here.

In Communication Design courses…

you examine the ways that visual imagery persuades, educates, and informs us, and explore careers with advertising agencies, graphic and corporate communications firms, department stores, art studios, and publishing companies and in freelance graphic design.

Featured Course Description:

HAD 109 Illustrator for Beginners

Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based software used to create illustrations and logos for the commercial art industry. Students will learn the powerful drawing and type tools in Illustrator, and are encouraged to use their creativity to produce original artwork and graphics. A mini portfolio of class projects is produced during this course.


Artwork By Precollege Student, Sophie Labell