In The Halls: Noel

Student: Noel (16), Long Island
Program: Saturday Live 2011
Precollege Courses: HAR 016 : Fashion Art for Fashion Designers &  HAP 026: Sewing for Fashion Designers

What are you working on in class?
A black dress with a leather tank that is open down the middle with black lacing. The skirt is “destroyed” and asymmetrical made of tulle.

Describe your personal style.
I love all kinds of styles, one day I’ll be bohochic, the next day I’ll wear all black with electric blue pumps. I love anything that is unique and can express how I’m feeling. Every day when I get dressed, I use my clothing to express myself.

Where do you go on breaks from class?
During the breaks I love going to Buffalo Exchange; they always have the most unique things there.

What are your favorite things about FIT?
I love FIT because here I feel like I can finally express myself through fashion. At FIT, people understand my love for fashion.

Who or what inspires you?
Alexander McQueen! I love how he was not afraid to rebel against the norm. His clothes show beauty in things that may not traditionally be seen as beautiful. I get inspired by people and nature. I love looking into other cultures or going on walks to find inspiration.

What do you want to do after college?
When I graduate I want to travel the world. I dream of being a fashion designer and using nameless women and men as models. My goal in this life is to use my passion for the fashion world to help all those struggling through neglection and poverty.

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  1. Noel would get dressed up each and every day for drivers ed at 7 am and all of her outfits were as impressive as this one! she’s going to go far in the fashion industry. She has real passion and beautiful taste!

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