Instructor Spotlight: Mark Kurdziel

Mark KurdzielMark Kurdziel has been an Adjunct Professor in the Fine Arts Department of the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology since 1992.

Some of the courses he has taught through Precollege Programs include HFA 023 Basic Drawing, HFA 024 Life Drawing and HFA 148 Fine Arts Portfolio.

A fine artist and a fine teacher!

Oh yeah, and guess where he received his BFA? That’s right – FIT!


Professor Kurdziel’s Teaching Philosophy:

I consider myself a math teacher. I try to teach the structure of pictorial design with the expressive, descriptive and poetic aspects of making art.

On Precollege Programs:

I enjoy showing students that there is more to making art then they could imagine. It is also very satisfying to improve a student’s drawing skills and to help them get into a college. Precollege students at FIT are often smart, talented and motivated and a pleasure to teach. Teaching high school students can be a nice change from teaching college students. It has been a pleasure teaching Precollege .

Most Recent Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2010  Place and Pattern, Walter Wickiser Gallery Inc, New York, NY
  • 2010  Mark Kurdziel, Puzz Gallery, Art Village, Seoul, South Korea

Most Recent Group Exhibitions:

  • 2010  Poetry and Motion, Able Fine Arts, New York, NY
  • 2010  Seoul Open Art Fair, South Korea
  • 2010  Bongsan Art Fair, South Korea
  • 2010  Daegu Art Fair, South Korea

Selected Publications:

  • 2010  Place and Pattern, Xu Xi
  • 2005  ARTnews review, Romancing Nature, Arlene McKanic, March
  • 2004  Catalog; Romancing Nature, essay written by Jonathan Goodman
  • 2004  Spiritual Realms, Opilent Dreams: Fantasy and Vision in Contemporary Figuration, David Cleveland
  • 2001  The Recent Paintings of Mark Kurdziel, Judd Tully
  • 1999  The Korai of Mark Kurdziel, Desmond Barry

Below are some images of Professor Kurdziel’s work found on his website,


Mark Kurdziel
Mark Kurdziel

Mark Kurdziel
Mark Kurdziel
Mark Kurdziel
Mark Kurdziel
Mark Kurdziel
Mark Kurdziel