A glassware design, inspired by seeing spring four times!

“The piece is inspired by the year I saw spring four times as I traveled,” says Jewelry Design Professor Wendy Yothers. “First in Lubbock Texas, where I was teaching; second in Michigan on the family farm; third in Taos, New Mexico in the Sangre de Christo mountains; and fourth, in Helsinki, where there was a light snow in July.”

“Spring” by Wendy Yothers

The glassware design, appropriately titled “Spring,” was made for the upcoming Art and Design faculty and staff exhibit “A Wow Moment” opening in November.

Yothers used a “spruce pine” recipe for clear glass that’s processed in the furnace at the studio at the Corning Museum of Glass where she has had a residency. Spruce pine is a type of clear glass for multi-purpose use that’s quite forgiving. She created the engraving with sintered diamond wheels on an engraving lathe. She made the silver lip and base at the Art and Design Jewelry department studio.

The School of Art and Design faculty and staff exhibit, “A Wow Moment,” will be on view  in the Lynn and Carl Goldstein Gallery, 9th floor Feldman Center from November 6 through mid-October 2020.

For more information about the Jewelry Design program go to: Jewelry Design FIT

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Photo by: Richard Duane


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