Favorite Places to Shop/Eat!

One of my favorite things to do on Saturday mornings is to explore Chelsea with my friends from FIT. We go to a bunch of different places after class or on break. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • Starbucks-7th Ave between 28th and 27th
  • Argo Tea-on the corner of 7th ave and 26th
  • Brown Cup-334 8th Ave
  • Chipotle-283 7th Ave
  • Room Service-166 8th Ave (really good Thai food)
  • La Maison du Macaron-132 West 23rd Street (French bakery with amazing macarons and croissants)
  • Momoya-185 7th Ave (sushi!)
  • Ajisen Ramen-136 West 28th Street (you will never eat the packaged ramen again)
  • Brooklyn Bagel-286 8th Ave
  • The Grey Dog Cafe-242 West 16th Street

(It’s pretty obvious I love finding new places to eat c: )


  • Buffalo Exchange-114 W. 26th Street
  • Goodwill-103 West 25th Street
  • Urban Outfitters-526 Avenue of the Americas
  • ‘Antiques Garage’ Flea Market-112 West 25th Street
  • H&M-435 7th Avenue
  • Salvation Army-208 8th Avenue
  • Chelsea Market-75 9th Ave (this should technically be under food but there is a really nice Anthropologie)
  • American Apparel-345 7th Ave between 29th and 30th st
  • Angel Street Thrift-118 W. 17th St.



Inspiration. Education. Diversity. – My FIT Routine.

Whats NOT to do in NYC? From restaurants, to shopping, to cafes, your options are limitless. Not only are their places for inspiration for your artwork, but you get to absorb so much culture in NYC just by walking the streets.

During my breaks at FIT, I usually get coffee at FIT’s cafe, right next to the art supply store (THEY HAVE EVERYTHING IN THERE, CHECK IT OUT!). Their caramel macchiato’s are to DIE for, and the variety of muffins are endless.

For lunch, I like to eat at FIT’s cafeteria, or I like to wander off and go to whole foods or even subway which is just a block away from the FIT campus. The prices at FIT’s cafeteria are unbelievably cheap, you get a ton of food for under 5 dollars. Also, you get to be around college students, and you really get the feeling like your in college with them. Although, being up and about in NYC and trying different cafes and restaurants really helps you absorb the NYC atmosphere; the cafeteria just gives you a different atmosphere to absorb. It really depends on what “feeling” you want to get throughout your travels.

Once class is over, I usually stop at the closest H&M store and buy something, or just to see whats new in their stores. I get a sense of whats in and out in the ready to wear industry by visiting H&M, and I get to see what the consumers are wearing. Its hard to just go to H&M without buying anything though. So my trips there have been cut down a bit, as I don’t want to be broke.

Inspiration. Education. Diversity. The three words that describe NYC, and my routine as a FIT Precollege student.


Manhattan As My Playground

Manhattan as my play ground.

Okay, so if you’ve been reading my blogs, by now you probably get that when I’m not at FIT, I’m constantly doing art projects, working, sewing, and trying to keep up with my high school classes. There’s a lot of overwhelming aspects to senior year, but my afternoons in downtown Manhattan aren’t one of them.  Even if I’m going solo, I always love to wander around and relax.

As far as hangouts go, it’s hard to carry all my supplies around the city, so I tend to stay close. My all-time favorite place to eat is Rosa’s Pizza across the street, but there are so many good places. I usually grab whoever I can from my classes to go with me to Starbucks, too. It sounds strange, but I go to Dunkin’ for coffee before class, and Starbucks on our break for tea. I have yet to check out the school’s cafeteria, but it’s on my to-do list for this semester.

As for fun, I could spend hours in the art supply/book store across the street. However, being an art student, this applies to all art stores and fabric stores. I also love the FIT museum. I’ve seen several exhibits throughout the years, and although eclectic and different from one another, they are always inspiring. I’m almost positive the current Daphne Guinness exhibit is my favorite so far.

When I take two classes at FIT which have an hour in between, I love to walk around. I always go to Buffalo Exchange or the Goodwill, which i’ve found amazing deals at. Besides, I love shopping and having to hunt around for things is a good way to keep from spending too much. I found a Guess denim vest for $4 last Spring, a Zara sweater for $7, and a Diane Von Furstenburg shirt for $22! Since FIT, I’ve become an expert thrifter.


A Day at FIT With Me

Hello Again!

My favorite day of the week is Saturday because of [insert drum roll here]: FIT!!! After a long week of boring, pointless classes, I enjoy waking up early to come to the city. The only class I really like this year is AP Art History. Last week was really hard for me though. We inserted darts into the “muslin skirt.” This was hard because the darts had to be equally big and equally spaced out and look the same from the front and back which proved to be a challenge, but it’s a comfort that some people weren’t as far ahead of me.

After class I love going to Buffalo Exchange. That’s my favorite store. I also like going to 34th Street to shop at H&M and Forever 21. But what I like about Buffalo Exchange is that I can find unique pieces that are usually both cheaper and that I like more. If I need any supplies I go to the Fashion Design Bookstore across the street from the C Building — In my opinion that’s the best place to buy supplies. An awesome restaurant is in the area called Cafeteria. They have greattttttttt food (although there was a 45 minute wait last week when I went there – bummer). Another fun place to go is Billy’s Bakery. It’s this cute (tiny) 1950s-style bakery on 9th Avenue. You should check it out. So where do you all like to go after class?

Yours Truly,


What To Do With What You Know

It’s spring break!  You know what that means!  Don’t you?  Just in case you don’t know, let me be the first to tell you; it’s the next best thing after birthdays, holidays, Marc Jacobs spring collection, my new lace frilly Urban Outfitters socks, and my FIT class.  The one bad thing about spring break is that I don’t have class Saturday, which is kind of upsetting, but that sure won’t keep me out of the city.

With all the material and knowledge that I have received over the past couple of weeks and with no projects due for class, I must find somewhere other than my personal blog to share my creative outlook on the fashion industry.  When I shop I will not only buy for the physical appearance, but I will buy based on the fabric’s texture, cut, smell, and even how an item sounds (while moving).  My professor always tells us to shop for quality and to use all of our senses while shopping.   Putting myself to the test while still leaving time to have fun, I made a list of all of the things that I want to accomplish during my break, fashion related and non-fashion related.

Spring Break to Do List

  • Roller skate around my town all week
  • Soho shopping (ohh how I love SS time)
  • Explore new vintage stores
  • Visit 2 different Buffalo Exchange stores in two different states in the same week
  • Visit the costume museum at the MET
  • Take a million and one pictures (maybe a million and two)
  • Read (and actually finish) a book
  • Hangout with a friend from my FIT class
  • Use my new resume I made in class for job opportunities
  • Buy a bow tie (so Janelle Monae, I know)
  • Hang out in North Carolina with my long lost best friend
  • Party! (responsibly of course)
  • Find a perfect pair of platform shoes
  • Blog everyday (www.bobbieaustinscloset.blogspot.com)
  • Watch the sun set
  • Find that perfect lipstick that matches with my perfect nail color (I must find first)
  • Make my first blog video for my You Tube page
  • Learn how to cope with the fact I don’t have class this week