A Day with Me at FIT

This Saturday’s class was really fun and encouraged us to be as creative as possible.  As mentioned in my second post, my class is doing a project where we have to create a photoshoot setup for a pair of shoes with a background/props inspired by the color, shape, texture etc.  I am working with two other people; Megan and Frankie.

After brainstorming for a while, we decided to use Frankie’s brown leather Steve Madden boots. The color and structure of the boots reminded us of hiking in the woods.

We had a few ideas on how to compose our set. We originally wanted to put branches inside the shoes because they resemble tree-trunks, but we decided a moss ground with a branch and pine cone or two would be more clean and less cheesy. Professor Sokoli suggested we put an insect on one of the boots for that final ‘wow-factor’.

Later, we went on a field trip as a class to the Flower District to look for props. There were so many different kinds of mosses to choose from!

We had fun looking around all of the stores on 28th street for inspiration. I became closer friends with Megan and Frankie as well as everyone else in my class on this trip. We all just get along with each other. It’s really great!


Changing Into a Different Person on Saturday Mornings

When I get on that train to go to class at FIT each Saturday morning, it’s almost as if I change into a different person. Not in a weird or negative way of course.

At home I am Mary Peleti…

  • the daughter
  • the sister
  • the friend
  • the straight-A student
  • the girl who has a unique sense of style

At FIT I am Mary Peleti… future fashion stylist.

It’s easier to focus on my goals in that change of environment where no one really knows anything about me, other than that.  Additionally, I feel that FIT Precollege changes me in the sense that I get to experience independence in a way that I wouldn’t at such a young age if I didn’t do this program.  This may sound silly, but I feel like I get to be an adult on Saturday mornings.  There is something just so liberating about walking down 7th avenue after class, with the option to go anywhere that I desire in the amazing city that is New York.