Chance or Choice?

This post is dedicated to all of the students going into senior year.

Is our fate determined by chance or choice? 

Personally, I believe it’s determined by choice. The choices I make each and every day contribute to the outcome of my future. But, without the chances I take in life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Do you believe our fate is determined by chance or choice?

The effort that we all put into our work here, at FIT, is preparing us for our future. The hours that we dedicate to creating our artwork is our choice. These classes that we are taking are preparing us for our future. That’s why we must soak up all of the knowledge we are learning! Seniors, we have to apply the knowledge we have learned to our portfolio. We have to make sure we include some of our best work. What are you thinking of including? How have you been preparing for your portfolio?

I have mixed feelings for week three. It’s my last week here at FIT. What if I never come back? FIT is my dream. It provides everything that I need to be successful later in life. I am so nervous about applying to college in general. Will they like my creations? Am I up to par? What makes me stand out from the rest?

I am channeling all of these feelings into my artwork and creations. I am so determined to make my portfolio the very best it could be. I have hope. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

We must all be sponges this week. Soak up all the information you can. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your professor. I’ve grown a tremendous amount these past two weeks. I have learned to render some very important fabrics, which is necessary for my portfolio. I have now mastered the industrial sewing machine. I have even learned to use the over lock machine.. It’s my new best friend!!

There will also be a slideshow in the Cafeteria on Monday, July 23rd. It will show all the different majors for FIT and will give tips and information on applying to FIT. Seniors, definitely attend! An Admissions Representative will be there to hand out information and answer your questions!

Good luck to all seniors on applying to colleges!

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door” -Coco Chanel

Your Care Tag,


Until Next Time…

I’m not really good with goodbyes, so I guess this is a “I’ll talk to you later…”

My experience at FIT this semester has been more than phenomenal. I found my utopia here. I have learned so much about myself and my abilities by interning in the Precollege Office. I’ve learned that doubting yourself is the worst poison and confidence is beautiful. I now know more about Adobe Photoshop and digital cameras than I would have ever expected in my lifetime. I feel that by working closely with such amazing managers, I have too developed the trait of amazing. When I first spoke to the Director of the Precollege Program (Michele Nagel) I knew that I was going to contribute to FIT, but I never knew that in return I was going to gain so much. I have met the most talented people in my generation, built on my existing communication skills and have learned how to feel comfortable thinking outside the box.

I will definitely miss working in the welcoming environment of FIT’s Precollege office. The amount of care and oepn arms in the office made it more than easy for me to be myself and have a good time. A normal teenager would dreaded waking up Saturday mornings to go to work, but for me it wasn’t “work,” it was my therapy. I will miss meeting new people and the overall environment at FIT, but hopefully in the future I will be here studying fashion merchandising. But before that hopefully I will be here blogging for all of you again real soon!

My advice for high school students is to get involved in FIT; it really is an amazing experience.  The Precollege classes have amazing people. I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many new friends there and amazing professors. Everyone in the Precollege office is extremely nice and you’ll love ever moment here! So don’t hesitate apply for the Precollege classes or internships – do anything that will get you involved!

I always hated goodbyes because always seem so bitter, but I could consider this one to be sweet. Until next time…

The Perks of iPhone Photo Filters

They truly make everything look so much more “arty.” So here’s my attempt at being arty in documenting this Sundayss endeavors into the city:

Being the constantly late person that I am, I usually give myself anxiety about missing the train from the moment I wake up until I’m actually sitting on the train at exactly 9:04 am eating a rasin-and-walnut filled cinnamon rasin bagel from LA Bagel in Edison, Nj, it’s one of those kinds of eateries where you realize, “Wow, with food this good, I know why I still have the will to live!”

Me attempting to be arty with my boyfriend’s Bowser backpack. One of the train workers caught me trying to awkwardly take my picture and asked me if i needed help in a concerned tone *sigh* forever awkward.

For some reason my brain was malfunctioning (maybe I ate too much cream cheese x.x) and I got lost and decided to go to floors 5-8 thinking that my class was on one of those floors when it was really on 4. Whomp. Whomp. But on the upside, I did find prints inspired by The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine movie which just made my day in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Whoever Rita de Guzman is, she’s doing something right!

Excuse me while I fan-girl over this for forever

While in the city I usually take my time after class to wander around and enjoy the environment around me but this Sunday was just not one of those days. Even though these thrifted kitten heels are pretty much the most comfortable and lowest heels I own, I still dread ever having to walk around the city in heels so I pretty much got down to business and got my Bowser backpacked self home.

Beige kitten heels, thrifted. Striped knee highs, Forever 21. Rodarte for Target slip skirt w/ tulle, Target. Salvatore Ferragamo sweater (pictured earlier), thrifted.

On my way from FIT to Penn Station I always smile seeing Gigi’s Jewelry because it reminds me of my baby cousin Gigi.

Above: Gigi’s Jewelry. Below: Gigi herself, being the proper little lady that she is.

After a few short minutes of walking and the easing of anxiety from worrying about getting hit by a car, I’m finally one step closer to home, sorry New York, I have to get back home to Jersey where my computer is so I can be on tumblr all day and be an unproductive member of society.

My photography skills are just so arty and intense I don’t think I can handle it. omg.

This is what I was doing on the way home, drawing the Beatles hairs and mushtaces in their Sgt> Pepper ear on my sketch pad cause I’m so hardcore I draw on the cover of the sketch pad instead of the actual paper \m/

Again, I can’t even handle how arty I am. Ugh.

Concluding this awesome day, I went to Olive Garden and took full advantage of the endless salad and bread sticks and now I’m even more brain dead so hopefully I’ll be back next weekend with new braincells!

Peace out homies



Changing Into a Different Person on Saturday Mornings

When I get on that train to go to class at FIT each Saturday morning, it’s almost as if I change into a different person. Not in a weird or negative way of course.

At home I am Mary Peleti…

  • the daughter
  • the sister
  • the friend
  • the straight-A student
  • the girl who has a unique sense of style

At FIT I am Mary Peleti… future fashion stylist.

It’s easier to focus on my goals in that change of environment where no one really knows anything about me, other than that.  Additionally, I feel that FIT Precollege changes me in the sense that I get to experience independence in a way that I wouldn’t at such a young age if I didn’t do this program.  This may sound silly, but I feel like I get to be an adult on Saturday mornings.  There is something just so liberating about walking down 7th avenue after class, with the option to go anywhere that I desire in the amazing city that is New York.


The First Step of Success – Day 1 at FIT

Today was the first day of the summer session at FIT, and it was amazing (despite the rain and my hair getting messed up, causing me to wear my hood). My class was much smaller than the classes I took over the summer, and everyone was very friendly.

To start off my day, I forgot to bring in my Parent Consent Form, which is required to begin my class causing me to wait in the ” D building” for my Dad to fax the sheet over. This is what happens when you don’t read your e-mails thoroughly , or in my case, the e-mails being sent to my unorganized father.

After about a hour of waiting, and talking with some of the F.I.T. faculty, and of course changing who the e-mails were being sent to, I went off to class. I am taking Advanced Fashion Art for Fashion Designers with Professor Urena.

As I walked into the class, I saw I was the only boy in there, which at first was a bit intimidating, but I quickly got over it and adapted. I was asked to describe myself, which was really unexpected. I wasn’t expecting the classroom environment to be so open and friendly. I thought we were just going to get to work, which wasn’t the case, luckily.

By the time class was over, I learned so much. I am slowly learning the skills to render correctly, correctly draw proportional fashion figures, adding texture to the sketches I create, and so much more. The skills I learned on day 1 were amazing, and just imagining what is yet to come in the next 10 weeks is thrilling!
Did you guys enjoy your first days? Tell me about it! Comment here about it!