The First Step of Success – Day 1 at FIT

Today was the first day of the summer session at FIT, and it was amazing (despite the rain and my hair getting messed up, causing me to wear my hood). My class was much smaller than the classes I took over the summer, and everyone was very friendly.

To start off my day, I forgot to bring in my Parent Consent Form, which is required to begin my class causing me to wait in the ” D building” for my Dad to fax the sheet over. This is what happens when you don’t read your e-mails thoroughly , or in my case, the e-mails being sent to my unorganized father.

After about a hour of waiting, and talking with some of the F.I.T. faculty, and of course changing who the e-mails were being sent to, I went off to class. I am taking Advanced Fashion Art for Fashion Designers with Professor Urena.

As I walked into the class, I saw I was the only boy in there, which at first was a bit intimidating, but I quickly got over it and adapted. I was asked to describe myself, which was really unexpected. I wasn’t expecting the classroom environment to be so open and friendly. I thought we were just going to get to work, which wasn’t the case, luckily.

By the time class was over, I learned so much. I am slowly learning the skills to render correctly, correctly draw proportional fashion figures, adding texture to the sketches I create, and so much more. The skills I learned on day 1 were amazing, and just imagining what is yet to come in the next 10 weeks is thrilling!
Did you guys enjoy your first days? Tell me about it! Comment here about it!


3 thoughts on “The First Step of Success – Day 1 at FIT

  1. It is a really great class this semester!
    Don’t forget- no class this Saturday and the cut/paste method of poses (3 of them) for next Saturday!

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