This End Is A New Beginning!

At the beginning of this summer I expected to have a nice summer but it turned out excellent. My final projects were great; both classes helped me to define my future as well as to develop new skills for my college career which is going to be Advertising and Marketing Communications. Being in a design school was a new experience because Mexican schools or universities are very different and being surrounded by people with my same interest  is something unforgettable; it was very easy to get along with everyone because of this.

Both of my classes were great! My morning class not only helped me to develop new skills for something I have alwats wanted to do – fashion design it also helped me to learn that fashion design is not my thing. My real passion is advertising. Therefore, my second class was a turning point in my future because now I have a wide idea of what I plan to study and I have developed some skills that, for sure, are going to help me in college. As you know in a few days I will be studying in Italy, but now I am more confident. Being in this huge city for three weeks helped me to mature and value things. Of course I missed my parents, but I also had time to get know myself better, which makes me very happy. I now feel more prepared for everything that comes next.

My friends were an important part in this experience: I shared fun moments with them, I went to the beach and went shopping and explored New York.  I am really going to miss them a lot. Hopefully we can still get in touch in the future.  One of the great things about FIT was the diversity. For example, my best friends were from Filipinas, Argentina and Miami. I can’t wait to study at FIT and to live in the city permanently.  Thank you for being part of my experience and see you soon!!



Goodbye for Now!

The time has come to say goodbye! I have had an amazing experience this semester, not only in my

Professor Uvennio and I on the last day

class, but also blogging and sharing my experience. My last day of class was terrific, although bittersweet, I had lots of fun, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work, it was fantastic! But of course I was sad that it was the end!

I have learned so much about tons of different designers, and my drawing skills have really developed, as well. I have gained an overall broader understanding of fashion design. Also, I have created a design journal and a designer board, I am very proud of all of my work. I will really miss the class, especially my professor and all of the people that I got to meet this semester. I will really miss the whole experience in general.

I will definitely be back at FIT in the fall for another precollege course. I’m still deciding which to take though, so many of them sound amazing! I am considering taking The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandizing, Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry, or maybe Jewelry Design. I’m going to have a tough time making my decision!

The best advice I can give is to always go after what you want. I have learned that you can achieve any of your dreams if you work hard enough. That’s what got me here, a sophomore in high school attending FIT and blogging for the program! I would never be here if I hadn’t chased after my dreams. I know that one day I will be able to achieve all of my goals in the fashion industry by working hard. And always remember to be yourself, copying others won’t get you anywhere, I love originality. FIT’s Precollege Program is beyond incredible, I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the world of fashion and art, I promise you will not be disappointed. I always look forward to coming to FIT for classes, over the past year that I have been a student, I have grown so much in each class, especially in this one. I can’t thank my professor as well as the other staff at FIT enough for making it such a great place to be.

Don’t think of this as goodbye, I hope to see you all soon enough at FIT!! :)

Yours in Fashion,


Looking Ahead

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I was lucky enough to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was incredible! If you are yet to see it, I highly recommend it;  it is definitely worth the long wait (we waited for two hours).

Looking ahead to my future in the fashion world, I have many goals that I would like the achieve. First of all, I plan on attending FIT for college. There aren’t really any other colleges that I am interested in. I feel that FIT is the best place for me. I hope to achieve this through goal by continuing to work as hard as I can in high school, and by continuing to be a part of FIT’s Precollege Programs. At FIT, I hope to major in perhaps Fashion Merchandizing Management or maybe Fabric Styling. I would like to also minor in French because learning French has been something that I have really enjoyed for many years. Overall, FIT is the perfect school for me. It has an amazing location and offers exactly what I’m looking for.

As far as a career goes, I am most definitely pursuing something in fashion. Right now, I am seriously considering fashion styling, or even working as a fashion magazine editor. Styling comes naturally to me and I’ve always dreamed of working at a fashion magazine. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve all of your goals.

Week three of Summer Live is off to a great start! I can’t believe how fast two weeks went by already. I have learned so much and have had an overall amazing experience. I have grown a lot through these two weeks at FIT. I am very excited for this week to see how my final projects turn out, and to see the other students in my class’s work. Today was great. In class, I was very productive and got quite a bit of work done. I’m going to make the most of my last few days.

Do you have any fashion goals for the future? Are you excited about your final projects? Feel free to share!!

Until next time,


Undecided College Goals… I Still Have Time

I havent prepared a portfolio yet since I’m only a sophomore. I know it takes plenty of hard work though. I hear about all the seniors stressing out trying to prepare them in time and I understand that they are very time consuming. You need to put your absolute best into every piece of work in your portfolio. It needs to be perfect, especially if it’s your dream to get in to FIT. FIT is a really good school and talent isn’t enough; you need to show that this is what you want most and you have to be prepared to go through sleepless nights if that’s what it takes.

I, personally, am not sure of what I want to do. I really love designing and drawing. It is so much fun and I really have a passion for it but I would also like to do something to help people, like being a nurse. Because I am a sophomore, I  still have some time to figure it all out . There are millions of different career paths I could take and I’d like to explore them all.

So far the only colleges I’ve put any thought into were FIT and Miami State. I really want to study far from home but fashion has now became something I really would like to pursue so NYC is in the running.

I don’t know were I’ll be 10 years from now or even 5 years from now and I love that. I like that I still have the power to make  my life whatever I want it to be. And when the day comes that I have to choose, I’m sure I’ll make the right decisions. So for now I’ll just work on keeping my grades up and doing lots of extra curricular activities so I can get into wherever I end up trying to get into. (:


Striving for Perfection in My Portfolio


Ahhh, May is here. It’s time to get studying for SAT’s, AP exams, and Regents and Finals. This week, I’m completely keeping a focus on my future and my future goals. After all, I’ll need some kind of reminder as to why I’m staying up so late to study.

As my friends came back from college visiting, they returned with many worries and little reassurance. They look at me with envy because I know exactly where I want to go and what exactly I want to do. In any case, the questions I would ask while on college visits would be “How strong is its Fashion Design program? What is their credibility for it? Is it a SUNY? Is it in the center of one of the biggest and most thriving-in-fashion cities in the world?”

The only college that has been able to answer all these questions with “Yes” or “Outstanding” so far, has been FIT. So now, I’ve found my dream college. What, may you ask, am I doing to ensure that I get in to it?

Well, as far as my portfolio, that’s exactly what the drawing classes at FIT are for! Not only have I gotten to experience FIT firsthand and find out that it truly is the school for me, but I’ve built up my skills tremendously. In one day, my figure’s ‘faces’ have gone from alien-looking to decent and still improving. I’ve learned how to make clothes not only realistic, but three dimensional. My drawings used to show clothes with no point of entry, but now they have zippers, pockets, and buttons and even convey texture. Just last week I turned in my first assignment; a presentation of spring related separates, including an inspiration board and swatches. It gave me an idea of just what kind of hard work fashion design is, and all the different aspects that go into it.

We also saw the FIT college students’ exhibit. It was absolutely incredible, and only made me want to be apart of this institution even more! The fabulous garments gave so much inspiration and showed how dedicated these students are to their work.

This summer, I’ll be working on my portfolio and my resume, which is practically bursting. My portfolio will definitely be the hard part since there are so many different ideas buzzing in my head. A good portfolio should show that you know the basics, and that you have the raw talent that you need them to mold into skill. It should show a well-rounded collection with versatility and originality. Creativity is key to being in the fashion design industry.

It also needs to show your hard work and strive for perfection. If you’re lazy about your portfolio, it will show bad work-ethic. They won’t want someone who can come up with a good piece every so often over the person who consistently comes up with well-constructed garments.

Everyone tells me I need to look for back up schools, just incase I don’t get into FIT or realize it isn’t for me. My immediate reaction is “a fashion designer won’t have time to waste worrying about a back up plan.” That’s the typical me, my drive is strong and I never stop in the process of getting where I want to. But, subconsciously, I have back up plans, just not very well thought out ones. I will probably apply to Parson’s, RISD, and a few SUNY schools (no out of state schools for me.) But how long am I supposed to be out of my beloved city for?! Do they really expect me to pay twice the money in tuition, at least? It’s all a crazy idea, I tell you.

Since I’ve known for so long what i’ve wanted to do, these past couple of years i’ve spent building stronger skills and a fantastic list of extra-curriculars. For those of you who don’t know what you want to do, I recommend getting involved. Community service will never hurt a college application, and you might find exactly what you want to do by joining a mix of different clubs. Explore every opportunity you are given; that’s how I found my happiness.