Hang Outs

Coming in from the city and staying for at least 8 hours can be tiring, but everything is worth every ounce of energy. It is so exciting waking up (at 6 A.M.!) on Saturday mornings knowing I am coming to be with new friends and to do what I love. As much as I love my classes, it is nice that we get 15 minute breaks in the middle of each class, and an hour lunch break in between my two classes.

For the 15 minute breaks, the perfect place to go is Starbucks. I usually go with friends during both breaks to grab a drink to have before returning to class.  It is the perfect place to go because it is right across the street and convenient (if the lines aren’t out the door!)IMG_3639

Here is a photo of some friends on our way to Starbucks!

For lunch my friend and I go to the perfect place- Whole Foods! I never thought about going there for lunch, but they have a salad bar which has everything imaginable- I love it. Whole Foods is only 3 blocks away, so we go and it takes about 20 minutes to get there, get our food, and get back. That leaves us 40 whole minutes to get back and eat. We either eat in the lobby or outside if its nice! IMG_3211


This is my friend, Larson and I after eating our Whole Foods in the lobby. (BTW – if you’re on snapchat, check out the geotag for FIT) I cannot believe there is only three classes left! :( Time flies when your having fun!


My Favorite Places to Grab a Quick Bite to Eat

If I’m not in an FIT classroom working on an assignment, you can probably find me at one of these great eateries:

  • Pret A Manger- 7th Ave and W 29th St
  • Gigi Cafe- 7th Ave between 27th and 28th St
  • Fresh & Co- 7th Ave and W 30th St
  • Argo Tea- 7th ave and 26th St
  • Starbucks- 7th Ave between 28th and 27th or 7th Ave and W 31st St
  • Whole Foods- 7th Ave and W 25th St

All of these to-go style restaurants are all conveniently located right on 7th Ave! Next time you’re on a class/lunch break, definitely try out one of these places if you haven’t already and let me know if you do!




Is it just me?

Or am I the only one who didn’t know where the cafeteria was? ……..Buller……….Buller…..okay I think it was just me.

Even though I missed class this week, next week I know where I’m gonna be! You guessed right, the cafeteria! I know I sound lame going on and on about it but my mind was completely blown when I found it last weekend! In my time spent at FIT it never occurred to me to question “Hmmm, where is the cafeteria?”

Before, my breaks consisted of wondering the hallways for 10 minutes looking for the crappy vending machine or eating ice cream from Baskin Robins (yes, a very healthy choice at 11:45 in the morning). I can’t really say my breaks are very exciting because I end up being too lazy to get up from my seat so I just finish my work and of course, tumble, which by the way, I have changed my url to mrgeorgeharrisonseyebrows because face it, George Harrison had the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a person besides Madonna.

Now that I know that I don’t have to walk all the way down the street just to get a Frappachino and a Protein snack pack from Starbucks and whatever else they have in that fancy (by my standards) cafeteria, I might just come back a little bit later from break ;)


Favorite Places to Shop/Eat!

One of my favorite things to do on Saturday mornings is to explore Chelsea with my friends from FIT. We go to a bunch of different places after class or on break. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • Starbucks-7th Ave between 28th and 27th
  • Argo Tea-on the corner of 7th ave and 26th
  • Brown Cup-334 8th Ave
  • Chipotle-283 7th Ave
  • Room Service-166 8th Ave (really good Thai food)
  • La Maison du Macaron-132 West 23rd Street (French bakery with amazing macarons and croissants)
  • Momoya-185 7th Ave (sushi!)
  • Ajisen Ramen-136 West 28th Street (you will never eat the packaged ramen again)
  • Brooklyn Bagel-286 8th Ave
  • The Grey Dog Cafe-242 West 16th Street

(It’s pretty obvious I love finding new places to eat c: )


  • Buffalo Exchange-114 W. 26th Street
  • Goodwill-103 West 25th Street
  • Urban Outfitters-526 Avenue of the Americas
  • ‘Antiques Garage’ Flea Market-112 West 25th Street
  • H&M-435 7th Avenue
  • Salvation Army-208 8th Avenue
  • Chelsea Market-75 9th Ave (this should technically be under food but there is a really nice Anthropologie)
  • American Apparel-345 7th Ave between 29th and 30th st
  • Angel Street Thrift-118 W. 17th St.



Pizza Or A Snickers?

I just want to start off by saying, WHY WAS IT SNOWING IN OCTOBER!? I know that many people are fans or the snow, but I am not one of those people. My trip to F.I.T. this week was horrific! It was like this weird yucky mixture of rain and snow and hail! D: However, I did get to wear my super cute earmuffs I’ve been dying to break out!

Well, in other news … F.I.T. is surrounded by cool boutiques, coffee shops and pizzerias. So, where should your hangout be for the 15 minute break or even after class? I personally prefer the vending machine (which I can now find without a problem) because I don’t have to step foot in the cold. I can usually get a few of the girls to come with me and I always get a snickers. On a good day, I’ll cross the street and grab a slice or a sandwhich from the pizzeria or order a tall white mocha from Starbucks. Those are the usual places for me :)

Before and after class I’m always rushing so I’ve never had time to visit the museum at F.I.T. or the bookstore or even just walk around. If I did have the time I would definately take a personal tour of the building and check out all the amazing projects that surround the halls. Maybe next week I’ll take some time to just hangout around F.I.T. :)