Pizza Or A Snickers?

I just want to start off by saying, WHY WAS IT SNOWING IN OCTOBER!? I know that many people are fans or the snow, but I am not one of those people. My trip to F.I.T. this week was horrific! It was like this weird yucky mixture of rain and snow and hail! D: However, I did get to wear my super cute earmuffs I’ve been dying to break out!

Well, in other news … F.I.T. is surrounded by cool boutiques, coffee shops and pizzerias. So, where should your hangout be for the 15 minute break or even after class? I personally prefer the vending machine (which I can now find without a problem) because I don’t have to step foot in the cold. I can usually get a few of the girls to come with me and I always get a snickers. On a good day, I’ll cross the street and grab a slice or a sandwhich from the pizzeria or order a tall white mocha from Starbucks. Those are the usual places for me 🙂

Before and after class I’m always rushing so I’ve never had time to visit the museum at F.I.T. or the bookstore or even just walk around. If I did have the time I would definately take a personal tour of the building and check out all the amazing projects that surround the halls. Maybe next week I’ll take some time to just hangout around F.I.T. 🙂