In The Halls: Danie

Student: Danie (18) Bronx, NY
Program: Precollege Intern
Job Title: Social Media Assistant

Describe your personal style?
 I’d like to think I dress like something fuzzy that has a super awesome personality.

Where do you go on your breaks from work?
Dollar Pizza, Taco Bell, or Trader Joes.

What is your favorite thing about interning at FIT?
The opportunity to meet so many of the great professors and students here. It gives you a different perspective on the school itself. My job consists of photographing classes, and updating websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I love having the opportunity to intern here while still in high school.

Who or what inspires you?
I’m inspired by all forms of art. I try to see the beauty in the little things that most don’t notice.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
Be employed! More specifically become an art teacher or possibly even go into toy design.



In The Halls: Caroline

Student: Caroline (15) Rockville Centre, NY
Program: Saturday Live
Precollege Course: HJD 19: Jewelry Design Studio I & HIL 12: Drawing for Illustration

Describe your personal style?
Very colorful and artsy. I love headscarfs, colorful jewelry, and leather shoes.

Where do you go on your breaks from class?
Walk around to get fresh air.

What is your favorite thing about FIT?
Being in NYC, developing new styles of fashion and art, feedback from my college professors, and the environment.

Who or what inspires you?
New York City in general! Also, the teachers and students at FIT.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college?
Become some sort of artist.



FIT’s Impact On Me and My Art Abilities

Since taking courses in FIT’s Precollege Programs, so many things have improved in my art skills! How you may ask? Well, before the program, I couldn’t grasp drawing things from life. It was always pretty difficult for me. I would usually  create cartoons or semi-realistic drawings. But now, since taking this course, I developed an eye for detail. – for shadowing, shapes, texture, and so much more! Also, I have learned to use different techniques to create my drawings. I’ve learned to be more comfortable with drawing things from life and I believe it will only get better!

This is our model, Cat! This was a very quick drawing using pen and ink.

Although I have developed a lot from the program, I still believe I have a lot to work on, which is good. I hope to improve myself more so that I can be ready for anything FIT has to throw at me! My goals for the rest of the semester are to continue to learn and to take in as much knowledge as I possibly can so I can put my new skills it into action in the near future.