“Fun School” Routine

Every Saturday morning, I wake up at 6AM and go about my usual morning routine. Sometimes, waking up this early on a Saturday is dreadful, but I constantly tell myself “You’re going to “fun school, remember?!” I know once I get to my class, I won’t regret waking up early and will wake up from my coma-like attitude.

After waking up, I continue my morning and go on the LIRR (8:10 train to Penn Station from Babylon). This train ride is less crowded than when I used to take the train during the week during my summer classes. The people are surprisingly much more normal on the weekend.

After blasting my music (Usually Nicki Minaj) for about and hour and 15 minutes, I arrive at Penn Station. As I walk through Madison Square Garden, onto the streets of NYC, a gust of wind greets me to the city that never sleeps. The rush begins and I make my way to FIT, the greatest place on earth.

I get a rush of adrenaline and continue up the escalators onto my class (Fashion Art for Fashion Designers). That’s when the excitement begins to build. We quickly start drawing and rendering and it makes the time go by so fast! Before you know it, I am halfway through the class and we have our 15 minute break. Usually, me and newest FIT friend, Alex, go to the FIT cafe which is right next to the FIT supply store. We usually order 2 Carmel Macchatas (Highly recommend it !!).

Once our class comes to an end, we go to Subway and get 2 foot long heros. After stuffing our faces, we go back on the train back to Long Island.


FIT weekend classes is filled of overall fun, creativity, and education that will help you in the fashion Industry. What do you do during your classes/breaks? Tell me here! :D


Chilling With The Friends/My Favorite Places To Go

Going to these Precollege classes gives me a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of interesting and new people. I take two classes full of them. Sometimes it’s hard to make new friends but once you open up, everyone is honestly really cool and down to earth.

Everyone here wants to get into FIT. I’ve met a couple of girls that share the same interests as me and many even want to get in to do the same things I do. We all want to have our own international fashion line. We all love designing and making our on clothes. And we all want to be famous some day.

We talk about other things we have in common too. I’ve met people that love to travel as much as I do, we talk about our favorite stores and places to shop, we have a lot of the same favorite bands and talk about the newest albums that just came out, our celebrity crushes and idols, etc. we usually talk about this kind of stuff over breaks or between classes.

Usually if we have break, everyone makes a run for Starbucks. My personal favorite break beverage is the caramel frappacino covered in whip cream. Sometimes the lines are a little ridiculous, that’s why theres always plan B: The cafe across the street from the C-building. That place has literally the best shakes I’ve ever had and its definitely one of my favorite spots near campus. I even go there after first class sometimes. If not Pret is the place to be. They’re organic and I haven’t met one person in class who doesn’t absolutely love it.

At second break, I usually just stay on campus with the girls. My second class is full of people with the most unique personalities. There’s never a dull moment. I don’t think there has been one day with them that I haven’t spent happy and just laughing hysterically. The friends I’ve made make the Precollege experience even better. (: