In the Halls: Katie


Student: Katie (16) from New York, NY

Program: Precollege, Saturday/Sunday Live

Pre-College Courses:  Sewing for Fashion Designers

Describe your personal style: Urban

Where do you go on your breaks from class? Starbucks

What is your favorite thing about FIT? The sketches. artwork, and garments found in the hallways.

Who or what inspires you? The New York City skyline.

What do you want to do after you graduate from college? Travel the world.

Getting Down to Business: Preparing Your Portfolio

Hi readers!

This week I would like to get down to a more serious topic, preparing your college portfolio. I’ll be honest with you, it’s a difficult task to compile your work. As you try to put together your best pieces, it’s hard to not think about what other students are putting in theirs as well.

For the most part, the pieces you include revolve around the specific minor/major you’re applying for. By looking on FIT’s or any other college’s website, you’ll find specific descriptions of any projects and portfolio requirements that the school would like from you.

My sketchbook

SKETCH!! Any and all courses more likely than not will want to see your sketching ability. Don’t be frightened! Unless you’re applying to a fine arts program your sketches do not have to be as realistic as a professionals. Portfolio reviewers like to see how your eye captures an element and transfers it to paper. The ability to sketch also shows your level of patience which is very important in any creative industry.

Another key to sketching is to work on larger pieces of paper, filling up a given space shows your ability to draw with more than just your finger tips. Noting that you use your wrist, hands, and arms to draw an image is very important.

It’s good to keep a sketchbook on hand to practice wherever you may be! Practicing will make you better at sketching as well as help you gain patience to execute bigger projects in the future.


  • Try to fill the whole page instead of just a small section

Trust me I know, I love to draw things on a smaller scale and make them more detailed, though it’s more beneficial to you if you practice drawing on a larger scale. By doing this you train your hand and mind to remain in a detailed mindset, plus it’ll look good in your portfolio.

  • Draw from life

Portfolio observers like to see how you interpret objects from life to paper. While showing your creative side with different drawings from your mind, be sure to include drawings of the basics like flowers or buildings.

A page from my sketchbook When it comes time for you to go through this process, take your time and do things to your best capability. Breathe and do your thing. I can assure you everyone is nervous when submitting works of their own, it’s good to be confident but it’s 100% okay to be nervous. Even though the process is a stressful one, continue using your strengths to enhance your pieces in your own personal way and see what happens from there.

If you have the opportunity, reach out to your art teachers for assistance and if you’re lucky enough even a professor. They’re there to help YOU! Asking won’t ever hurt and who knows, hopefully it’ll make you feel better along the way!

Thank you for reading and good luck on pursuing any passions you may have! We all take many different paths in life so stick to what you love and you’ll make it one way or another.

-Emily Kelly

Trends for Fall 2015

November just began meaning colder weather is approaching.This could mean an excuse to do more shopping than usual. What else is better than staying warm and in style? Here are some trends I’ve been seeing everywhere and absolutely love.

Over the knee boots: Effortless and stunning on any body type. These boots will keep you warm and will suit any outfit! Pair with leggings, jeans or even a dress. These boots are very versatile. Perfect for a night out or the day time. Over the knee boots will add you a bit of maturity and sensuality.


(Givenchy Boots, reposted from

Sneakers: Fall is the last season to wear your favorite sneakers before the snow invades. White sneakers have been all the rave lately. From adidas to Nike Air Force 1’s these will leave you feeling sporty and fun. You can work these with any outfit. Dress them up or down for everyday.


(Adidas Superstar vs. Nike Air Force 1, reposted from

Cool Coats: Obviously coats are very necessary for the colder weather but if you’re like me, I love to layer and not just wear one big bulky coat. Bold colored jackets, fur coats, fur trimmed coats, vests, cape coats, dusters and longline jackets will keep you right on trend and ready for the brisk weather.


(Vest and Hat, reposted from


(Palermo Jacket, reposted from


(Duster Jacket, reposted from

Bell Bottom Jeans: Ditch your skinny jeans…Bell bottom jeans are the next big thing. The 70’s trend is still going strong. Fit and flare jeans paired with a chunky sweater or with some high heel booties will make you feel confident and chic.

bell jeans 3

(Bell Jeans, reposted from

bell jeans 2

(Bell Jeans 2, reposted from


(Turtlenecks, reposted from

Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks were all over the runway. They are trendy as sweaters or as dresses and are great layering pieces. Even mock necks are everywhere too. Pair a chunky thick turtleneck dress with over the knee boots or with some skinny jeans and booties.



My Style Icons

The Precollege Program has taught me so much about creating fashion, developing a style and spotting trends, but overall the most important lesson I have learned is how to draw inspiration from everyday life. The city and the people in it are full of inspiration, just waiting to be discovered. Inspiration in fashion can be taken from anywhere and anything, from artwork to nature. Fashion is one of the truest forms of self-expression. Without saying a single word, you communicate much about yourself by what you wear. The best part about fashion is finding inspiration from the originality of others (this is usually how a trend occurs). Aside from having a personal style of your own, being influenced by other places and people is a whole other sector of fashion.

My style has a very large range. Here is a list of some of my personal favorite style icons who inspire me on a regular basis:

Lana Del Rey- Aside from being one of my all-time favorite singer/song writers, Lana Del Rey’s style is one of my favorites to emulate. Lana is wearing a basic black Tee- shirt, but has paired it with a classic black leather jacket. This is one of my most loved, simple looks with the added red lip, another go-to style of mine. Every part of this outfit, down the makeup, is classic.

1. Lana

(Lana Del Rey, reposted from

Audrey Hepburn– Audrey Hepburn, with one of the most elegant styles ever, also made black leggings/tights an essential item for women. Audrey gave this basic look a touch of class and she is a style icon for the ages. She chose simple pieces, like the perfect little black dress, and made everyone fall in love with her. As Taylor Swift says, “We never go out of style,” and Audrey Hepburn never does either.

2. Audrey

(Audrey Hepburn, reposted from

Gigi Hadid– Gigi Hadid is my favorite model and the person whose style I copy the most. Gigi wears mostly basic pieces but adds her own offbeat style to her outfits with coats/shoes/purses. Her outfits are always well coordinated, fresh and perfectly put together. She looks like a true California girl, but with her own personality and cool appeal.


(Gigi Hadid, reposted

Scarlett Leithold- Scarlett, an 18-year-old model whose style is one of my favorites, has become the face of the popular fashion line, Brandy Melville. She always finds interesting outfits that are edgy but classy at the same time. She represents this growing brand with her own sense of fashion.

3. Scarlett

(Scarlett Leithold, reposted from

Chanel Iman– Another one of my most admired models, Chanel Iman has a very unique sensibility for her wardrobe. This is one of my preferred street style looks that Chanel has worn. The contrast of the basic black dress and the red leather jacket is a  winning combination of rock star style.

4. Iman

(Chanel Iman, reposted from

Who inspires you to new heights of style?


Same Shirt, Different Day: A Conversation With Taylor Orsino

Taylor Orsino, from Staten Island, was determined to leave her mark on her school’s homecoming. She decided to make a IMG_0569goal of hers to design the homecoming tee-shirts. Her art career began when her school’s art teacher told her about a class she taught at a private studio, “she handed me fliers for the class, and from there I joined fashion design.” She joined the homecoming committee at her school and began creating designs. She tried several but none caught on. This Viking with a skeleton face (below) was outright rejected by her school. She combined her carnival tent and Viking design (below), and this ultimately ended up being the design that her school picked.  According to Taylor, her shirts were a big hit at her school, “They sold out. I didn’t even get one.”



Taylor continues to work at her art teacher’s studio teaching fashion design. She started doing inventory in the studio store but was quickly moved to assisting the classes for younger children. She then was able to teach with a partner and soon, on her own. I asked about her career prospects, “I want to go into fashion merchandising.” She is taking FIT’s HMF064 Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising, “the main theme of the class is imagery, so looking at what makes brands stand out and what draws people to them.”