FIT Semester Overview

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This semester I am taking a class called “HAR 016: Creating the Fashion Figure.” This is a vital class to take if you plan on applying to the fashion design side of FIT. To apply to this part of the school, you will need to create a portfolio with your work and collection ideas. Also, if you dream of becoming a fashion designer, merchandiser, or stylist, this course can help you reach that goal. This course teaches students to understand, analyze, and draw the front view of the female fashion figure. Also, it teaches how to develop design ideas in a fashion sketch and to explore the silhouettes used in fashion design.

The Fashion Institute of Technology has a very specific style of fashion figure they like to use, along with detailed drawings of clothes submitted in portfolios. The body is usually very elongated and the clothes are very specific in fine detail. Fabric samples and color choices are also very important when you submit a portfolio piece. In my class, taught by Professor Renaldo Barnette, we learn how to precisely draw a fashion figure, one that fits FIT criteria. This class is very enjoyable and I have learned a lot from it. Not only have I learned how to draw a fashion figure, but I have also learned how to properly draw clothes on the fashion figure. Our professor teaches us how to draw necklines, tops, skirts and how to design our own collection. He also teaches us how to find inspiration and translate that into a collection. For example, we frequently look at fashion magazines and previous collections that designers have created. This week we learned from our substitute teacher, Professor Notto, how to determine what kind of customers would buy our clothes, and then how to design them to fit the customer base we want to target.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to apply to the design side of FIT. It has been very helpful to me and will hopefully help my chances of getting admitted. Above all, it is a very interesting class and I’m so glad I enrolled in it!

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My Goals

Hey lovely readers,

Ever since I’ve started the precollege program at FIT, it really makes you look at your future in all aspects. It could be extremely stressful but also extremely enjoyable and satisfying. When you finally know what you want and how to get there. For myself, I have quite the grasp on what I want to do but also I am prepared for anything to come…I hope. My first choice college would have to be FIT, but if unfortunately I did not get accepted. I would like to go to SUNY Oneonta, and major in Fashion Merchandising and minor in Business Communications. Thinking about where I am going to be in 5 or 10 years makes me feel all kinds of nervous. But, I would like to have an internship or a job at a luxury brand like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, or Givenchy. I am so interested in how they start the new trends and how other brands follow. I would even love to work at a fashion magazine, working with the featured clothes and styles.

Even though my goals are broad and time consuming, anyone who is determined can get anywhere they want in life. I know, so cliche. But starting a little bit smaller: My FIT precollege goals. I am starting my 5th week and obviously, I am loving it. I find the city very motivating and every person so interesting. I have my next project due this upcoming week for Fashion Forecasting and I am very nervous! We had to take an era in time and research about its fashion trends. We have to do an oral presentation, a mood board or a PowerPoint, and an essay. I really hope I do well, I worked harder on this than my actual homework. My goals in the class is to obviously do well and absorb every possible thing out of the lessons. Also, to really enjoy the city and my new friends.

I feel as though I grow every week. It is such an experience…from the commute to the class. I really need these next weeks to slow down! 

Instructor Highlights: Anthony Capparelli

FIT’s instructors aren’t just a hit in the classroom, they also have projects of their own. Anthony Capparelli, is an FIT Adjunct Associate Professor in the Illustration Department. His exhibit, titled The Art of Sport, is a collection of paintings, oils, watercolors, and charcoals, with subjects ranging from The Garden itself, to many of the sports stars that  impacted the passionate and fiery sports world of New York City. The former Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter, as well as current New York Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist make appearances. Below is a video of Professor Capparelli, discussing his art and the exhibit. His work is on display at Gallery FIT.

Museum hours: Tuesday–Friday, noon–8 pm; Saturday, 10 am–5 pm. Closed Sunday, Monday, and legal holidays.







Check out the Precollege class taught by Prof. Capparelli: HIL 163 Human Anatomy


A Commute With A Non-Morning Person- Sarah Saul

I peel myself off of the bed, roll my eyes at the laughing clock, and after a splash of cold water I am already irritated. I’m not a morning person. I pull apart my drapes, stare out of my window at the dusk sky and then roll my eyes again. After barely looking in my closet I pull a “I have nothing to wear!!!” fit, go into my mom’s closet, she rolls her eyes too (she’s also not a morning person) and end up settling on an oversized sweatshirt. I drift to the powder-room, use a little too much powder and end up changing the, now powdered, oversized sweatshirt. I’m not a morning person. With a packed bag on my back, I let out a sigh once I take a seat in the car after this very aerobic morning. Waiting at the traffic light in front of the station, I realize I forgot my wallet like the genius I am. I’m not a morning person. Lucky me I get to hear the pleasant whistle of the train at all hours of the morning because of the proximity my house is to the train. So, don’t worry I shlepped myself back home and retrieved it in time for my train. May I just say I am blessed by the way up heavens that created coffee. Coffee is crucial for this commute!

Soon enough the ground begins to tremble beneath me. Being a Long Islander, I over cautiously avoid the gap and make myself look like a terrible dancer by doing a demented leap. Let me tell you, the looks I get are borderline “WOW look at her werk!” and “Is she okay?… the gap is barely a foot.” To make the people on the train think even more highly of me, I whip out my “emergency” alcohol pad (of many) and draw circles onto my seat. I burn my tongue every single time I take a sip of my coffee. Every single time, I don’t know when and if I will ever learn my lesson. But, as a result I have a burnt tongue for the weekend. I’m not a morning person. I take a squat (the only one of the week) on the seat, that is very well cleaned I might add. I then, breathe and applaud myself for not missing the twilight hour train. Then, I put on the life saver that is Spotify and tune out attempting to revive myself. Despite my constant travels to the city, I am new at the independent train ride. But, you get a sense of freedom when you’re trapped inside a choo choo. It’s almost a sneak peak into your future and how traveling will be like. From what I was seeing, the future seemed to be bumpy, noisy and frankly, it seemed to be traveling too quickly. When I arrive at Penn Station I am immediately able to navigate to the very close by FIT. Once I find myself of the streets of the city, the whole twilight hour and dusk wakeup is all worth it.


Trends for Fall 2015

November just began meaning colder weather is approaching.This could mean an excuse to do more shopping than usual. What else is better than staying warm and in style? Here are some trends I’ve been seeing everywhere and absolutely love.

Over the knee boots: Effortless and stunning on any body type. These boots will keep you warm and will suit any outfit! Pair with leggings, jeans or even a dress. These boots are very versatile. Perfect for a night out or the day time. Over the knee boots will add you a bit of maturity and sensuality.


(Givenchy Boots, reposted from

Sneakers: Fall is the last season to wear your favorite sneakers before the snow invades. White sneakers have been all the rave lately. From adidas to Nike Air Force 1’s these will leave you feeling sporty and fun. You can work these with any outfit. Dress them up or down for everyday.


(Adidas Superstar vs. Nike Air Force 1, reposted from

Cool Coats: Obviously coats are very necessary for the colder weather but if you’re like me, I love to layer and not just wear one big bulky coat. Bold colored jackets, fur coats, fur trimmed coats, vests, cape coats, dusters and longline jackets will keep you right on trend and ready for the brisk weather.


(Vest and Hat, reposted from


(Palermo Jacket, reposted from


(Duster Jacket, reposted from

Bell Bottom Jeans: Ditch your skinny jeans…Bell bottom jeans are the next big thing. The 70’s trend is still going strong. Fit and flare jeans paired with a chunky sweater or with some high heel booties will make you feel confident and chic.

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(Bell Jeans, reposted from

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(Bell Jeans 2, reposted from


(Turtlenecks, reposted from

Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks were all over the runway. They are trendy as sweaters or as dresses and are great layering pieces. Even mock necks are everywhere too. Pair a chunky thick turtleneck dress with over the knee boots or with some skinny jeans and booties.