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James Webb’s work has crossed several borders. Besides being a storyboard revisionist and layout artist for MTV ANIMATION and storyboarding episodes of hit shows such as the VENTURE BROTHERS and the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, Jim has written and illustrated for a variety of comic book publishers such as GRAPHIC CLASSICS, MIRAGE STUDIOS and HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE. He’s created style-guide designs for DC LICENSING, background work for MARVEL’S SECRET INVASION series and taught a class at PRATT INSTITUTE.  He created ad layouts for TV LAND’S hit series HOT IN CLEVELAND and is currently working on another story for HEAVY METAL and the third issue of his creator-owned comic, THE ADVERSARY, for ASYLUM PRESS.


Jim Webb teaches:  JSX 025 Let’s Create Comix!
In this class you focus on the basic building blocks of comic book storytelling: story, character design and page layout. Students create written scenes, and go from thumbnails and character sketches to a penciled layout of a page, reviewing and critiquing the steps as they go along. Students will explore the use of photo reference as a means of making fantasies look real. The class will discuss the student’s creative ambitions and the importance of reading as a stimulant in the creative process.




Teaching Philosophy:

As I tell the students, we’re all on the same journey. We may be on different stops along that journey but it’s the same one. I want to give them the idea that if they have fun doing their work and use sound building blocks they’ll continue to grow. I encourage them to contribute their own ideas ; discussion is essential. I’m constantly reminding them that if they are unclear or uncomfortable with anything I suggest, by all means say so! Enjoy the process. I try to be flexible and responsive to their questions…even when they don’t ask.

On Precollege Programs:

I enjoy the idea of helping them build a foundation, instilling good work habits, without calling them work habits.  The enthusiasm is there which is the engine for the whole thing. What I find most rewarding is seeing a student with a particular problem area in the beginning of the workshop and by the end of the experience make real improvement. I feel great when that happens.

Industry Experience:

Writer/Artist for Heavy Metal Magazine
Inker for Marvel Comics
Storyboard Artist for Venture Brothers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series
Comp artist for TV Land

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  1. Very excited to have my son take your class at FIT! He’s going to love it!

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