Oh, it’s already Thursday?

Wow… This week has sped right on by, without me (Tessa) even noticing. When reminded of the fact that it is Thursday, I was stunned; I was taken aback. “What?” I said, “Really? I thought it was Tuesday!”

Anyway, nothing super big happened today. I finished my collar, and so then I started on my sleeves.

I had a really difficult time pinning the sleeves, therefore that took forever. (Stress on the ever.)

Once I finally got the sleeves sewed on to the shirt, I needed to then serge them.

Oh, but wait! The serger had come unthreaded, so I waited for a while, as one of my classmates was rethreading it.

Okay, when I say that the sleeves took a long time to pin and that the serger issue also took a long time, I am not joking.

So in the meantime, waiting, I chatted with my classmates. What we talked about now escapes me, although I am writing this on the train on my way home.

By the time the serger was fixed, I had the time to do just one sleeve before the professor called us up to discuss buttons; to talk about the ones we need to buy.

After that, I went to go do my other sleeve. While I was using the serger, I realize that something was amiss. I stopped to check it out.

I found that I had unintentionally serged into the fabric of the sleeve, which was something I did not want to do. At all. So I have to get rid of that sleeve and cut a new one and stuff. Shoot. I wasn’t expecting to have to do this!

Ahh, well, life happens. At the very least, I’ll still be ahead!

Bye for now-


One thought on “Oh, it’s already Thursday?

  1. I love your Blog posts and it’s true classes are going by way to fast!! Thanks again for posting:)

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