Meet Precollege Guest Blogger: Tara

Hi, everyone!

        My name is Tara and I am taking HIN 131 55A or what most people would generally say, International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries. I had previously taken a workshop in the Spring called HSX 120 The Fabulous World of Fashion Forcasting which was really interesting. We learned about how fashion forecasters pick certain colors and trends about two years in advannce. However, that side of the fashion industry just was not for me.

        The class I’m in now is all about business, kind of like me. My classmates and I are learning about the 5 P’s of the Marketing Mix, how current events can play a major impact on factory production overseas, the different tiers in fashion price – pointing, and so much more. I never really knew how important the world relations play into fashion and that small mistakes can cost companies thousands of dollars.

        My overall experience with Precollege at FIT has been extremely positive. I’m a native New Yorker from Brooklyn and Queens so meeting unique people is not new to me. However, the students I have met taking these classes surprise me everytime. They all come from different backrounds but we all have one thing in common and that is; we live for fashion!


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