A friendly update for all of you:

The previous Saturday, I finally put the finishing touches on my blouse, like the hems on the sleeves and bottom, only after struggling with the bobbin and problems caused by it for around 15 minutes.

I also cut my pattern for my dress out, which basically took up the rest of the class. (It’s a whole lot of cutting out to do! Please don’t judge; I am exceptionally terrible at using scissors.)

What was really cool, though, was that we took a little baby field trip. My professor took us down to see the work of some of the students that were on display. The works drew inspiration from the 60s and Andy Warhol.

It was indeed something spectacular to see. The only critique I have was that the music playing in the background did not include the “Welcome to the Sixties” song from Hairspray. It would have been a pretty-much-perfect fit, in my opinion.

But other than that, this past week’s class was fairly uneventful; just cutting out lots of pattern pieces. And I did not really go on an adventure afterwards, either; I just went to get the fabric and other doodads for my dress which I did not have already.

Hopefully someone had a more eventful weekend than I!


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