First Day Back

The first day of class this year was the first Saturday in two weeks I couldn’t sleep late. But it’s worth it. It’s so worth it.

This past summer, I couldn’t attend FIT’s classes due to a design camp, and design workshops from the Cooper Hewitt Museum. While I did learn lots of things there, I honestly missed getting on the B train by my Grandma’s house, and then switching to the F at West 4th to FIT. I missed the (slightly rushed) walk through eerily quiet (for Chelsea) streets. I missed being able to immerse myself in my first passion, fashion.

Compared to my last class, the one this semester is a small, intimate, no-more-than-10-people-in-it merry band of socially challenged fashionistas. As more and more of us came up to the room prior to the start of class, we joked around to the point that when Professor Uvenio got there, we were already friends. We’re on the fifth floor, which usually isn’t a fashion design floor, but it has these beautifully large tables perfect for spreading out magazines on…

All that aside, today was amazing. I love my professor, Christopher Uvenio. He’s so knowledgeable, bubbly, fun… He makes the entire room light up as soon as he steps into it. The stories he tells are so interesting, from the one about being a judge on the first episode of Project Runway to his godchildren and the museums to when Marc Jacobs walked into class wearing a kilt he’d made… there isn’t another person who could paint their office fuschia, hang a mini chandelier from the ceiling, have stunning illustrations blanket the walls and have it be fabulous.

During break, I hung back and showed him some of the sketches I’d done over the summer to practice faces and proportions. I was elated when he said the only thing that could be improved was the stylization of the fashion figure. He took the class to the Fashion Design Bookstore across the street to finish buying the supplies for the class. Afterwards, we sat around the table in front of the room and listened to Professor Uvenio’s stories. The entire class was so enthralled, nobody realized the time. We ended up getting dismissed at 12:45!

After class was over for the day, I went “wandering.” Getting semi-lost on streets I know is one of my favorite things to do. First, I went to the Goodwill on West 25th, scoring a pair of kelly green jeans, a purple and white ombré blouse, and a pair of black fringed boots. All for around $25. Highly recommend checking it out. Then I wandered further down West 25th street, towards Broadway, and ended up discovering this adorably quirky little flea market with such a variety of obvious trinkets and hidden treasures. Here’s a few photos from one of the booths:

So how did your first day go?

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