Conceptualizing Fashion

The weather goes from scorching hot to angry thunderous rain… sigh, NYC weather. Wednesday, before all the panic and frustration about the rain I attended my Advertising and Graphics Portfolio course and we did a lot of discussion about conceptual design. Our assignment was to create a design a logo for an existing company or a product of your own. I ended up choosing the world famous Forever21, because lets face it, I love that store to pieces.

I ending up going for a bold design, along with various lines to express the appeal to women, specifically. Yes, I know F21 MEN does exist, but its always a tiny section in the back corner –no one really pays attention to it much– but it shall stay a concrete part of F21 by no means. In this design, I focused the logos attention to the womanly patrons of forever21. The ad does not show a specific shape, form or color of the woman but just lets the curvy shapes do the talking. After the initial design, we had to transfer it onto a letterhead and an envelope. Next project: unconventional medium self-portraits.

My finished LOGO for Forever21

A section of the tacked concepts.

Oblivious to the rain in our window-less Manual Patternmaking and Sewing course, our class worked on sewing our basic skirts. After cutting out all our patterns and tacking them together, we had to go to the sewing machine and finish the job. At first I was like, “OMG, I’ve worked with my sewing machine before, no big deal!” Then I turned the machine on and stepped on the presser foot. Totally the oposite of what I thought, these machines are so fast! But they just take time to get used to given that they are in fact they are professional machines and we are not professionals! One day I shall master the FIT machine, I promise you!

Other than that, we are also drawing out dress ideas for our  final project where we will be designing and creating a whole dress, how exiting is that?! After school, in the pelting angry rain, me and my friend ran to Mood. It literally looked like we finished running a marathon when we trotted in there. But as soon as we stepped inside and saw all the wonderful fabrics, I decided my soakingness could wait. I picked out four materials and swatched them; I plan on using one of these four cotton patterns for my dress, I’m just not sure which one yet, I love them all.

My partly finished design

Outfit of the day! (

Nine West Parka

Buffalo Exchange leopard sheer trousers

DSW loafers (Oh, how I adore these)

Forever21 necklace


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