Design, Art & Pink Tights!

Guess who got a discount on her “Frap” at Starbucks today? Me!! According to an email I received from FIT yesterday, from 12:30 to 1:30 it was “Home-Town T-shirt Day” which meant if you wore a t-shirt from your home town, you could get a discount on Starbucks coffee. All I had to do was go to the FIT location and Walahh, cheaper Starbucks. And anyone who receives a low income “allowance” knows that SB coffee is not cheap… but it’s so good! Oddly enough, I felt like I’d accomplished something big walking down the street with my reasonably cheaper frap.

Somewhat typical shot of Manhattan streets.

Anyways, today was a productive day, in my  HAD 149: Advertising and Graphics Design Portfolio class I got a chance to whip out my newly bought art supplies. In other words, I felt very professional in a artsy kind of way. Firstly, we sketched out a picture of a girl in our class in a rather uncanny position to warm up our hands. Then we started testing our gradient skills with our grey Prismacolor markers to prepare for an upcoming project! From far away the gradient looked great… when you get within arms reach of it… um, not so much. I guess its safe to say that distance transforms art!

Prior to lunch time, our class briefly visited the FIT Museum. As we toured around, I noticed the wonderful detail in all the gowns, suits and ensembles. Unfortunately, we weren’t aloud to capture any pictures inside the Museum because of multiple reasons, but by all means check it out! The pieces were wonderful. From Prada to those Christian Louboutin shoes that I desperately wanted to steal out of their unbreakable glass case — the museum was one of a kind. It consisted of far older designs to more modern designs. FIT had it all!

The Fashion and Textile History Gallery

Outfit of the day! (



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