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I see a big difference in myself and my work since I’ve been taking Precollege classes at FIT.   Last semester, I took Fabric Styling.  We designed boards based off celebrities signature styles and learned a lot about layout and organization. Learning about these things has prepared me for the class I am taking now, HFM 060  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future.  For our projects we need to make power points, blogs and boards, so in order for our presentations to look professional they need to be well thought out and put together neatly.

Here are two of my boards from the class I took last semester, HFS 180: Fabric Styling for Fashion.

1.  Emma Watson Fashion Board:

2.  Zooey Deschanel Home Decor Board: 

For my current class Fashion Forecasting I am working on a blog. The assignment is to create “a dream fashion blog.”  I am proud to see how the skills I’ve learned from Fabric Styling have carried over into the class I am taking now. I’m sure both of these classes will also help me with projects in the future and assignments in college.

This is the link to my dream blog.

Another change I’ve seen in myself is that I have gained more knowledge about the fashion industry. In the class Fashion Forecasting, I’ve learned about how trends go in and out of style and how companies decide what goes into their stores.  Before this class I wasn’t aware of all the careers one can have in this wonderful industry.

Thanks for reading, see you guys next week!


2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Jen, you’re work is so sharp, love it! Good luck. Xoxo Betsie

  2. Jen, I love your color choices and your fabrics. You pulled it together nicely which is difficult to do. Your hard work paid off! This is definitely your forte. Keep it up!

    Arleen :)

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