Passion for Fashion

Preparation for FIT’s portfolio requires dedication, skill, and passion for the fashion industry. You need to find a message or create an image in which you want to convey, and somehow make it creative, yet wearable. Everything, in my opinion, must be realistic and not outdated. It also has to be realistic, and the the inspiration you chose need to not be taken too literally, as it will make the garment boring. A good portfolio requires a good story. Also, it has to make a statement about something, ANYTHING! Making a portfolio may be difficult, but the difficulty of it should make it more interesting, as its what you love to do!

As I look into the future, I hope to find my way into FIT. I am anxious to get a letter from FIT telling me I’m accepted, or even declined. FIT has always been my number one school, and continues to be number 1. The atmosphere you get at the school is indescribable. Diversity, freedom, and creativeness are three words that would describe the atmosphere you get by just stepping foot onto the campus grounds.

In five to ten years, I hope to find myself living in a cute apartment in NYC, working for a big brand like Burberry, or Hugo Boss in their menswear department, and I hope to have a dog that I can dress up in cute clothes (I’d name her princess!).

These past couple of weeks at FIT has given me such knowledge and understanding of the field I am hoping to get into. I feel even more prepared for college now that I’ve taken the classes during the summer and weekends. If it wasn’t for FIT’s Precollege classes, I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now that I will be successful during my college career.


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