My Support System

My family has always been my biggest support system. It’s like I can wake up tomorrow and tell them I want to be a clown and they would back me up 100%. When it comes to my future I don’t think I’ve ever even heard them say the word “can’t.” It’s amazing being apart of a family like this. Sometimes it’s a lot of pressure knowing that they expect me to do so many great things in my future but they’re the reason I work so hard. :’)

When I told my parents I wanted to do the Precollege Program, of course they were thrilled but they weren’t surprised. I’m constantly taking extra classes, volunteering,  joining clubs and doing other random activities so I think they’re just used to it. I’m just obsessed with taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.  My mom loves hearing about my experience at FIT and I love showing her my projects and floor plans. We talk about how I’m going to redesign our house when I have my degree in interior design. She also reads my blog every week, HI MOM! :) The only thing she doesn’t like is the mess that FIT has brought into our living room. Scraps of paper, magazines, fabrics, paint samples, glue, color pencils, rulers/scales and a crazy amount of eraser shavings are just a few things that my parents come home to.  I’m sure they will get used to it!

It makes me really happy that I have a family who supports me so much. I know that they will continue to do so through college and my journey after I graduate. My family plays a big role in my life and having them by my side makes life a lot easier. <3


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