A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

F.I.T. is a place of safety, a place of creativity, and a place of acceptance. When you walk the streets of New York City you quickly realize “normal” is over rated. Throughout my Precollege experience at F.I.T., I don’t feel like I’m getting judged, or stared at constantly like I do on a daily basis in my home town. Here, I feel like I can be myself without any worries.

F.I.T. has given me the confidence to not care what people have to say about me. I now express myself when I want and however I want throughout my time at not only F.I.T., but also my in everyday life. These Precollege classes really help define you as a person and really help mature you, and the way you view schooling and life.

This school is just a little piece of heaven on earth filled with creativity, friendships, laughter, and a fun education.


2 thoughts on “A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth

  1. I completely agree. FIT gives us a place to just be who we are. We are accepted for being just us and learn how to carry that outside of campus. You can make lasting friends that share a passion others outside don’t. It’s nice to have a place without the judgement of being unique. The students grow in a ptoductive environment that views being different as amazing. FIT really does provide that little bit of heaven on earth

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