Spring Break: 50’s Style

For some strange reason, my school’s spring break was from April 3 to the 9th. And as you may know, the weather during that week was horrendous! So there I was, my beach plans foiled by Mother Nature, with nothing to do. But then I realized, Wait! I have FIT! *insert jubilant music here* I quickly opened up the internet and typed in http://www.fitnyc.edu/8351.asp#W ( OK I didn’t actually type it in, it’s saved in my bookmarks). This magic web address will lead you to the FIT databases. From here you can access sites that most people have to pay for, but if you are a registered Precollege student you can access them for free! My favorite site has to be WWD Online, where you can print out the current issue even if you aren’t a subscriber to the fashion paper. Another site that is going to come in handy for my final project on fashion forecasting is Fashion Snoops. It’s a trend forecasting site that presents the trends in really detailed ways.

Speaking of projects, I did manage to get some work done on my History of Fashion project that was due on the 16th. We had to choose a specific era and research trends and fashion from that time. I chose the 1950’s because, um, hello? Dior’s “New Look” anyone? I adore tiny waists with A-line skirts.  We also had to make a story board to go with the time period, so I used some of the skills I picked up in the Precollege class I took, HFS 180: Fabric Styling for Fashion. The marvelous Professor Petitt taught us how to create visual story boards that really conveyed a message. We learned to edit our selections down into a cohesive image instead of covering every inch of a poster board with pictures, because that’s just too chaotic.

The one thing I did manage to achieve over spring break was a shopping trip with my friend Jackie to the Garden State Plaza mall. That place has everything, including a carousel. We only got lost like 3 times on the drive down (I’m horrible with directions and my GPS likes to take advantage of me), but I scored an adorable dress from Forever 21 that has a total 50’s vibe. Guess what I’m wearing to my next class?

If you guessed this dress, you’re right! I apologize for my bad modeling skills but I’m five feet tall so it’s not like I’m the next Karlie Kloss. Anyway, here I am posing with the 50’s love of my life: Ms. Audrey Hepburn.

I hope you all have a better spring break than I did as far as the weather is concerned, and whatever you do don’t panic about not having Precollege class this weekend!

P.S. Any other Hepburn fans out there? Leave a comment if you want to obsess with me!


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